Friday, May 25, 2018

How To Follow Spygate

This  is a simple guide on how to follow Spygate.

First, I would like point out that Wolf Blitzer from CNN doesn't run the media or determine what it's the news in the media. 

However, I am an fan of CNN and Fox News as well. 

In my opinion Wolf Blitzer on his show on CNN is single handily trying to ruin the President and run Politics, well he doesn't.

On his show they said today that The "Spygate" theory fell apart in the meeting yesterday.

Then when they rolled the news clip it was from Fox News, the other station. 

Then the actual story was that The Government couldn't say anything about Spygate because the meeting they covered was classified. So on the Wolf Blitzer show they said the Spy story fell apart but the actual story in the clip was that the meeting was classified and they couldn't say. 

Then they just make up headlines and say it fell apart lying in the media. The actual story was the meeting was classified, then they keep trying to cover for the spy as a media source for stories on CNN on Wolf Blitzer.

How To Follow Spygate:

Characters - These are the Main Characters in Spygate:

The Special Investigator
The Former Lawyer of Donald Trump
Stormy Daniels
The Russian Oligarch 
The to be determined "Russian Spy"

-The Special Investigator is Robert Muller, he is investigating to see if there was a Spy in the Donald Trump Presidential Campaign.

-The "Russian Spy" is an unnamed information leak to the media and the democratic party.

-The Former Lawyer of Donald Trump is Michael Cohen - has leaked the Stormy Daniels story.

-Stormy Daniels is the Porn Actress in the leak from the Lawyer - Michael Cohen

-The Russian Oligarch  is Viktor Vekselberg a Russian Billionaire with ties to Valdimir Putin I think.


Spygate - The Story So Far:

Attorney Robert Muller is investigating  allegations of Spying into the Campaign of Donald Trump.

Michael Cohen the former Lawyer of the President has released secret information about his relationship with adult actress Stormy Daniels.

Michael Cohen is reportedly said to also have met with Russian Oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, this is a part of the Russian Spy connection.

The Russian Spy and Michael Cohen are both releasing secret information to the media and the Democrats.

What this looks like is Michael Cohen may be working with Russia and has ties to a Russian Oligarch who knows Putin, then there are claims of a Russian Spy.

Now not only is Michael Cohen connected to Stormy Daniels he is also connected to a Russian Oligarch and possibly the Russian Spy.

So the Stormy Daniels case and the Russian spy case are connected. The Russian spy is connected to Michael Cohen through the Russian Oligarch and both the Russian Spy and Michael Cohen have apparently released  secret information about Donald Trump.

**These may not all be facts yet, just a theory**


Robert Muller - Special Investigator for the United States Government, investigating Russian Spy and Michael Cohen's connections to Russia because he knows Viktor Vekselberg potentially

Michael Cohen - Former Trump Attorney, Released Stormy Daniels Story, Connections to Russia

Viktor Vekselberg - Russian Oligarch, connections to Putin, possible connections to Russian Spy 

Russian Spy - Unknown Person - Possible FBI / Russian Double Agent who spied on Trump and possibly secret media informant. 

Stormy Daniels - Former Mistress of Donald Trump

Photos and Links:

Robert Muller

Michael Cohen

Viktor Vekselberg

-------Russian Spy Yet To Be Determined-------

Stormy Daniels


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