Sunday, May 13, 2018

FINALLY, Internet Television Is Out

There is too much happening lately...but I am trying to keep up.

Internet TV is finally out, it's on YouTube TV.

FINALLY, YouTube is a real Television broadcaster now.

Apparently YouTube TV is just getting going and only available in certain US Cities, but it's regular Television wireless on YouTube.

Internet Television Is Finally Coming Out
So I need this here right now or from a different provider, specifically on Sony Blu Ray Television App or Xbox One App.

If someone can please add this Tv App to Sony Blu Ray Television or Xbox One in Canada it would be great.

This is all television channels wireless over the internet on your Television, Computer of Smartphone or Tablet.

This is pretty easy to's Live YouTube Tv on on one app and like Netflix on the other.

So next to the next Netflix App is the YouTube TV App and that's Live Television over the internet, in probably high definition.

So in Halifax we need that today or we will all revolt.

In the meantime there are other channels to watch for Free on Sony Blu Ray Television which is what I have on the Tubi TV App and the Crackle TV App.

Tubi Television is great with tons of free movies
Tubi is the better Tv App on Sonly Blu Ray Television with tons of free movies and shows on it.

You have to buy the player and then you get the free channels and movies.

Crackle is also a free movie app on Sony Blu Ray Television and not as good as Tubi but still has lots of good content. Tubi Television is a super good television streaming app.

There is also a full list of pay per view streaming movies etc. to go with the tons of free content.

So Crackle and Tubi have the awesome free content, and there is are also other free apps and paid pay per view apps like on satellite or digital cable.

The regular YouTube app is also good and has pay per view content on it.

Crackle is the second best free movie app on Sony Bly Ray Television
The YouTube TV App is going to  the best television app on the internet if they load it with the regular YouTube app on Sony Blu Ray Tv.

Then the YouTube Tv App goes with the free and pay per view content.

You have to pay for YouTube Television per month but it's full like digital cable and satellite.

Internet television on Sony Blu Ray is #1 Two Thumbs up for tons of free movies and pay per view when you buy the player.

It just needs the YouTube Television App to get the rest of the Live Television Channels.

Hopefully YouTube Television will add this app to all locations in the US and Canada today because this is full High Definition Streaming Television wireless over the internet and looks perfect.

I'm assuming there should be ten million competitors trying to get their live tv app on Sony Bly Ray Television right now or on the Computer app.

This is probably the biggest thing in television since the Rom 2 Smart Card for satellite television. Only there is always tons of free content provided when you buy the device.

This needs to be out now with full access and tons of competitors. You will not be disappointed with the free Sony Streaming Television  or their paid content. 

It just need to be finished with the full service like the You Tube Television App or a similar competitor app in all locations on all standard computer devices.



I'm still catching up on Internet Television, but Hulu is similar on Samsung devices I think, or Roku.

So Sony / YouTube Tv something like that is the competitor. Also Hulu is not in Canada.

Sony has it on the Sony Blu Ray Player and it looks like a better service if they add YouTube Tv, put your money on Sony Bly Ray with YouTube Tv if they add the app in Canada or anywhere.

Sony's is already awesome, they just need to add live tv.


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