Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trench Coat Mafia: Oh Great , Now What?

Are You Being Stalked?
It is commonly known on this blog that I have a group of people that follow me around annoying me and copying me.

They're the people that keep running it and out of the yard screaming and yelling and looking for stuff from me bumming.

So a lot of them are from the slums and in the Trench Coat Mafia, I'm convinced they have Dylan Klebold Syndrome or something or they're all on heroine or both.

Then if you're out walking they annoy you at the park looking for a fight and stuff and then take off. Anyway, they just follow you around pestering you and you have to yell at them to get rid of them and then they take off and that's it. 

Most of that was like nearly ten years ago, then they flame you on the internet under their own names. That's pretty quiet lately but it still comes up. 

Listen to this, now guess what they did?

So I got rid of them outside anyway for now anyway, then you know what they did?

They all went out and found out what I was buying at the store and stuff and knew about things I used to have in my house years ago from other people.

Then they got all this stuff together and bought it like I used to have in my house a long time ago and then were following me around watching me shopping or something recently. 

They they took pictures of it and posted it on their Facebook pages in a group together.

Then they made poses with pictures of stuff I used to have or recently bought at the store and then they all put pictures of it up on their Facebook pages and said they were doing it.

So you see their Facebook pages and it's all stuff that you do and have at your house set up the same on their pages at their houses and they were posing with it and talking about it in public with their profiles open saying they were doing it.

Then they all went around saying they were connected to my band and books coming out like they were living at my house talking about my band and books I'm writing and stuff.

They were saying it like they were practically living at my house and I don't even know them. 

Then they came out looking for an argument about it with me. 

Then if you say anything about it they all go around saying that's it's not true and start yelling and looking for a fight with you.

Anyway I'm not intimidated by that or anything it's just irritating, then they look for a fight but you can't beat them up because they all wimps and look like little kids and stuff and they're like 38 or 40 something.

This just reminds me of the anti bullying campaign going on because other people may not be able to handle that on their own.

Honestly, I think these people are totally handicapped.

What it this though? Some kind of group stalking crowd now?

Now we have what going on, group stalking.

They are just retards anyway. 

Now next we're going to need an anti-group stalking law because of shit like that.

So if you looking for a cause to get on to go with anti bullying then you can add group stalking to that.

Ottawa really needs to step it up and pass more anti group stalking laws and bullying laws.

That's because it's not fair if one person is attacked and can't defend themselves from group stalkers and bullying.

I'm going to tell Donald Trump to pass an anti group stalking law so we can finally get rid of these people annoying and bullying everyone.  

Also that's why Florida has passed the stand your ground law. 

Canada needs the stand your ground law right now so that if people keep coming back to hurt you can can properly defend yourself.

Petition the Government to pass more anti bullying laws, anti group stalking laws and stand your ground laws to protect regular people from these groups of retards so we can finally be done with it and they'll be gone.

Then no one will bother you when you go outside and you're a normal person.

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