Friday, May 18, 2018

Scam Alert: Tim Horton's Cup's Are Not Leaking Out The Bottom *** Updated ***

Tim Horton's - The Official Coffee of the NHL
People keep dragging me into these conversions so I thought I would share this, this is not true it's a scam in Halifax and New Glasgow.

People are going around saying that  Tim Horton's - The Official Coffee of the NHL  - has soggy cups and the bottoms are falling out and spilling on everything.

The rumor is that this is being spread by local coffee shop owners in New Glasgow and Halifax in order to drum up business by trying to ruin the name of Tim Horton's locally so people will shop at their local restaurants instead of Tim Horton's so they can steal their customers. 

If anything this means you should drink more Tim Horton's coffee to get back at them.

Locally coffee shops, names undetermined if even true at all, are rumored to be backing other smaller business for spreading the lie about Tim Horton's by sponsoring them and creating partnerships to promote their small business'  in return for helping them ruin the name of Tim Horton's - The Official Coffee of the NHL locally. 

It is also rumored that these other smaller business are making a horse and wagon business made out of old fence boards. Their wagons, made up of old fence boards are in an attempt to compete with Henry Ford inventor of the Model T Ford.

After seeing the Model T Ford for the first time recently, small business owners from New Glasgow are attempting to compete with Henry Ford by making wagons out of old wooden fence boards. 

Other projects they are making out of old wooden fence boards are undermined but said to be large in number. 

In relation, the people are said to be addicted to "Pictou County Pizza" which I thought was just local small business but they have apparently incorporated and are now a company.

Apparently, all Pictou County Pizza restaurants with their  local regional sauce are now all one store like Greco Pizza and the brown pizza sauce is apparently their trademark which was recently registered with the Canadian Trademark Office.

The incorporation of Pictou County Pizza makes their trademark sauce only sold at their companies restaurants which are all one business now and compete with Greco Pizza now.

It's not clear if that's all accurate or not but that's what it looks like on the internet.

In relation, Pictou County Pizza now delivers to Halifax from their Truro Location for a free of $10.

So if you're desperate for Pictou County Pizza which is some kind of brand now you can pay $10 for them to deliver it to Halifax from their Truro store a 1 hour drive.

The scam with the Tim Horton's cups people being carried out is said  to be skit from the Kevin Smith movie "Clerks"  where a gum salesman tries to ruin the cigarette company to sell more chewing gum.

The perpetrators are said to be addicted to Pictou County Pizza and recreating scenes from the movie Clerks to ruin Tim Horton's name locally to get business for local coffee shops who are sponsoring their wagon business made of old wooden fence boards.


Info update:

Apparently, The Pictou County Pizza thing they are saying goes with the Tim Hortons Cup Scam.

They are saying they don't like Tim Horton's and the cups are falling apart to sell coffee locally, they are also saying they hate corporations.
Now they are saying they are addicted to Pizza County Pizza, after they incorporated they will say they hate them because they hate corporations.

Then they will say they are opening a local restaurant and you should buy their Coffee and Pizza instead because they are not corporations.  
They are getting that from the Alex Jones Radio Show and the highly unpopular Zeitgiest Movement Videos. 

Those shows are both against corporations and want to shut them down, however they both run similar size business' and they want you to support them instead.

Alex Jones has been recently sued for spreading international news articles saying that the government has staged a shooting and the victims weren't real.

Now they are being sued by the victims family for saying on international news that their family members weren't killed.

The Zeitgiest Movement has also said they are against corporations, those are the people thet said they want to travel to the "Other Planet Earth" that has no people on it and start over in a "resource" based life and live off nature.

Getting to the other planet Earth is probably by comet, like with the Heaven's  Gate Cult which ended in group suicide.

Obviously, these people are handicapped or something and possibly even members of the Trench Coat Mafia.

As a note, to understand the popularity Pictou County Pizza around here, if this was California they would be called "Orange County Pizza".

Now the Trench Coat Mafia is "going on" about it. 


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