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Rehtaeh Parsons Case: Why Canada May Bring Back The Death Penalty For One Case

This is what I'm hearing about the Rehtaeh Parsons case as well as public opinion.

So I was watching the video about her on the internet and talking to some people and I know what they are talking about in the case.

Everyone knows those types of people who bullied her, the description of the bullying in the trailer of the way they were talking to her matches stuff that everyone has seen outside.

The said they were coming up to her and telling her to pretty much kill herself.

Everyone knows who those types are. They come up to you looking for a fight and stuff and get in your face then they start raising their arms in the air and pointing and stuff.

Then they stare at you right hard right in the face are they go "Just go kill yourself,  Just go kill yourself,  Just go kill yourself,  Just go kill yourself,  Just go kill yourself,  Just go kill yourself."

The they go "You wanna fight?" then they stare and keep going "go back inside, go back inside,go back inside,go back inside,go back inside."

Then if you confront them they turn around and walk away yelling saying stuff like "go back inside,  go back inside,  go back inside,  go back inside,  go back inside,  just go kill yourself, just go kill yourself, just go kill yourself, just go kill yourself, just go kill yourself."

Then they leave. 

Then every time they see you they start annoying you.

I know they are youth gangs around here, they are the one's getting drunk at the public libraries in public and going saying they are punching strangers in the face and taking off in Hailfax and Elmsdale at shopping centers and stuff. That could be related.

Those people are just a bunch of kids to me though and like 98 pounds or something.

Just think about that because everyone sees that.

Just remember first that bullies are cowards. Murderers are cowards.

That's because bullies only pick on smaller people than them because they are cowards. The same with murders who only prey on the weak and defenseless also making them cowards.

Recent research on this blog has also shown that bullies are homosexuals.

Bullying, conducted in studies on this blog had shown that there is a direct connection to bullying and homosexuality.

Making bullies gay.

That's because bullies picking on smaller boys are potentially being gay, by touching smaller boys who can't defend themselves.

A bully picking on a  smaller boy could be them acting out homosexual behavior by beating up other smaller boys so that that they can touch them and talk to them because they are gay.

Then they are cowards because they only pick on smaller people, then they express being gay by beating up other boys so they can touch them.

So bullying could be them expressing their desire to to have sex with another male.

The same is true in the Rehtaeh Parsons case, where the four guys who gang raped her were acting gay, which is what everyone is saying people are saying back to them.

Everyone is saying that the four guys who gang raped Rehtaeh Parsons all too their dicks out in front of each other and got erections together, then they all had sex with her in the group and then they all ejaculated into the other men's semen inside her vagina.

People are telling me that the bullies are gay because they all had an orgasm in another man's semen together when they gang raped her, making them gay.

However they also must like girls and found Rehtaeh Parsons attractive and being gay together and cowards, they all decided to be gay together and get erections and gang rape a girl they were all attracted to together, then they all ejaculated into each other's semen together making them gay.

Then you have to ask, is that the first time they all took their dicks out together?

I mean is that something they did before or what? Or did they find Rehtaeh Parsons so attractive that they all got hard together for the first time and took their dicks out and gang raped her.

Maybe they have their dicks out all the time together anyway, it just seems a little excessive that they just came up with all that on one night.

Meaning did they plan the gang rape? 

Well it may be premeditated gang rape, so did they all get together first with their dicks out and then plan to rape someone?

It just seems a little excessive to come up with that all on one night. My opinion is that they planned the gang rape because of the excessive assault.

It just seems a little much to get together out of nowhere and then gang rape a girl.

The same as the bullying, it's all so over the top that they planned that to to cover it up.

I think they planned the gang rape and cover up by bullying to try and get away with it because it's so over the top excessive behavior, and overreacting. 

One point here is they should just ban bullying anyway and then cite bullies for having aggressive homosexual behavior and put them in a treatment program when they are kids to make them follow the law.

Then they have this crazy behavior after the gang rape, showing guilt.

They videotaped Rehtaeh Parsons on cel phones or something and then they started talking bizarre.

I hear this all the time and I hate it because it's retarded talk.

They started making fun of Rehtaeh Parsons for having sex with them.

Why would you make fun of a girl for having sex with you? Are you retarded or what?

Yeah I get it, you're all so unattractive and everyone knows it including you that even yourselves make fun of yourselves when a girl has sex with you.

Like..."Ya this girl had sex with me right can you imagine, I'm so ugly even I make fun of her." That's what they said.

They said that Rehtaeh Parsons was humiliated for having sex with them, making them so unattractive that even they think it's funny if a girl touches them. Making me wonder if their that bad off why did they have so many friends backing them up in the bullying.

Then this is the part I hate, they are the people that make fun of you for doing things that everyone else does too.

They are the people that make fun of you for taking shit when they have to to and pretend they don't do it.

Then they all jacked off together when they gang raped Rehtaeh Parsons.

They are the people that make fun of people but can't take it when someone does it to them.

They make fun of you for farting and then it's a secret when they do it.

Again, but they don't mind jacking off together in a gang rape.

Conclusion: They are gay.

They didn't make fun of themselves for having orgasms together because they are already gay and probably planned the gang rape while being gay together.

Then, after the rape they made pictures of her with a noose around her neck and her head cut off or something and buried in the cemetery saying they were going to kill her.

This was probably all planned.

They said they were going to kill in pictures and were getting in her face telling her to go kill herself for two years, then she did.

My opinion is that they made her kill herself.

My belief is that the gang rapists made Rehtaeh Parsons kill herself in a premeditated murder to cover up the gang rape.

Also, they "made fun of her" for throwing up off a balcony which is normal teenage behavior when drinking.

Plus she may have been throwing up from being sexually assaulted by gang rapists which made her sick.

The point there is, they make fun of regular behavior like sex or throwing up when drinking, and think bizarre behavior is normal like having orgasms together and taking pictures of  it and spreading it on cel phones.

Obviously, making fun of normal behavior and saying bizarre behavior is normal is an admission of guilt and an attempt to cover their crimes.

That's by downplaying bizarre behavior and ridiculing regular behavior.

The motive to do that is is to make you think the normal behavior is unusual so you won't believe the victim.

Then they say the unusual behavior is normal to try and cover up their guilt and get people to believe their lies.

They probably think that if people believe what they are saying that then they will get out of the crimes.

Also, they are fucked in the head for doing any of that.

If the Canada Supreme Court agreed with that standpoint on the crime then they could execute the killers of Rehtaeh Parsons...that's if the Supreme Court decides that's what happened.

This would be the first executions in Canada I believe since the 1960's.

This is how.

First, I don't think the no death penalty law in Canada is that ruled out in the court. 

I believe that Canada will say, even though there is no death penalty in some cases there is a crime that is so severe that it is "outside" the no death penalty law. Like in the case of the murder of Rehtaeh Parsons if you agree with that.

Canada's Supreme Court could say that the legislature rulings written in the 1960's in Canada to abandon the Death Penalty and passed in 1976 did not include crimes in the future by gangs like in a "Death Wish Movie" starring Charles Bronson.

Canada's lawmakers at the time probably did not account for extreme gang crimes like in a Charles Bronson Death Wish movie taking place in Canada.

Therefore, Canada's Supreme Court could decide to say that the murder of Rehtaeh Parsons was so severe that it was not accounted for under the abolishment  of the Death Penalty in the 1960's legislature.

The government in the 1960s's probably did not have the foresight, at no fault to them, to  predict the gang rape and murder of a girl fifty years later, in the style of a Charles Bronson Death Wish movie.

Then they could charge the group of gang rapists and murderers, if you agree with that, under the pre 1976 laws and charge them with a capital offense punishable by execution. 

So the Supreme Court could decide to rule that the group can still be charged under the pre 1976 laws because their crime is so severe that is didn't apply to the abolishment of the death penalty in Canada.

Then if I was the family of Rehtaeh Parsons I would begin suing the rapists in Civil Court for millions of dollars right away in a wrongful death suit.

Saying that, the rape and bullying caused her death and they are financially responsible in Civil Court to compensate the family for their actions.

Then, I would use the court hearings in the Civil Court and take them to the Supreme Court in Ottawa as evidence and begin pushing for them to be executed under the pre 1976 laws at the Parliament.

Then I would begin petitioning the Nova Scotia courts to begin hearings on pushing for a Capital Offense in her Death. 

Then I would petition the public and the courts to begin pushing for them to be charged with Premeditated Gang Rape and Premeditated Murder.  

The psychological analysis:

Rehataeh Parsons was probably experiencing suicidal feelings from being gang raped and then intentionally bullied by her assailants who knew who she would be vulnerable from the gang rape and forced her to kill herself when she felt suicidal anyway form the attack.

Plus Rehtaeh Parsons could have believed it was her own fault for being there and drinking underage.

She may have been religious and believed that doing something wrong like drinking underage made it her fault, when in fact she was only traumatized by the gang rape.

The rapists and bullies knowing that she would be vulnerable  from the attack used this to force her to kill herself through death threats and bullying.

My opinion is the gang rapists pre planned the gang rape while participating in some form of homosexual behavior and then they planned to force her to kill herself through bullying to cover it up, all premeditated.

If the Supreme Court of  Canada agreed with that then the group could be executed under the pre 1976 death penalty laws that didn't account for a Death Wish style attack on a young girl like from a Charles Bronson movie by a group of men and their accomplices in the future.

One final note here, after her death a photo of her showed up on a dating site advertisement.

I believe that where this came from is that one of the bullies worked as staff at the website and used their job to post her picture on the page to keep mailing fun of her after her death

The sentence for the killers of Rehtaeh Parsons should be execution in Canada today.


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