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Black Lives Matter: Trayvon's Martins Spokesgroup Not A Legal Organization

Black Lives Matter Members Assault Police
I will try and get this correct because it's long and I'm still researching it.

This is big in the news right now and in fact the story was broke on the internet by George Zimmerman, who killed Trayvon Martin in self defense in Florida under the stand your ground law.

Black Lives Matter is a fake anti racist group that was formed after the death of Trayvon Martin, more to follow.

George Zimmerman was assaulted by Trayvon Martin in Florida and killed him in self defense. The Florida Courts ruled that Trayvon Martin was guilty for attacking George Zimmerman.

Trayvon Martin's family should be apologizing to George Zimmerman's because it's a member of their family that is responsible for the death, instead they are attacking him in public when Trayvon Martin has been found guilty.

Black Lives Matter formed after the death of Trayvon Martin. What they are doing is using attacks like rioting and violent protest to get black gang members off charges by swaying public opinion and lying.

In short Black Lives Matter are lying. 

Their platform is a total fabrication.

Black Lives Matter formed to defend a convicted criminal in Florida Trayvon Martin, who they ruled caused his own death by assaulting George Zimmerman.

Black Lives Matter Members Bring Violence To Gay Pride Toronto
Popular opinion is that he was targeted by Trayvon Martin because he was the neighborhood watch coordinator at a gated community in Florida and a threat to Black Gang Members in the area.

Zimmerman, must have been protecting a "rich" sort of, neighborhood which was being targeted by Black Gang Members.

The Florida Court ruled that George Zimmerman was acting in self defense to keep Black Gang Members from assaulting people at a gated community.

Also, people believe that Back Gang Members in Florida are "testing" the stand your ground law to see how far they can get like with what happened to George Zimmerman at a gated community.

Black Lives Matter formed to defend the guilty party, Trayvon Martin.

Then their whole platform is testing the stand your ground law through threats and riots to try and get Black Gang Members off charges, saying they are the victim.

Black Lives Matter is saying this like it's racist to say the black person was responsible.

Then they go out ard riot to try and sway public opinion and tamper with court decisions through the threats and riots.

Stand Your Ground Law Hero George Zimmerman
Black Lives Matter is not something that would be passing through my political views because they are an illegal group. Intimidating the courts and public through riots and violence and using a convicted criminal Trayvon Martin as their "martyr" is illegal.

Black Lives Matter chapters are everywhere. In Halifax they made the Halifax Police pull out of the annual gay pride parade over threats of rioting.

Apparently Black Lives Matter were writing Halifax Police to get them to pull out of the gay pride parade citing threats of rioting like in Toronto they are saying. The Police pulled out of the parade to avoid riots being caused by Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter's platform is that they hate police and they brought their platform to the gay pride parade in Halifax and made the police pull out of the parade.

So Black Lives Matter said they were going to riot at the gay pride parade  and bring violence to the LGBTQ Community in Halifax unless the Police pulled out.

Their hatred of the police led them to attack the gay pride parade in Halifax with threats of violence and rioting at the parade like they did in Toronto to make the police pull out, which is a hate crime against the LGBTQ Community.

Black Lives Matter's whole thing is that, they are bringing violence to public groups like gay pride and the courts and police and trying to get the public to back down on pursuing Black Criminals.

Convicted Criminal in Florida Trayvon Martin
They are saying that if the police keep pursuing black criminals then they are going to riot at the gay pride parade and attack them to sway the courts and the public to back off on issues like the stand your ground law.

Then their group is made to test the stand your ground rules to see how far they can push the public with violence before the police and courts back down and submit to them.

This is probably why George Zimmerman is calling them a Terrorist Group.

This is exactly the same conditions that got Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Assassinated.

Black Lives Matter's platform is illegal, they are trying to tamper with the courts to make them let criminals go through threats of violence and intimidation.

Everyone knows that Black Lives Matter's platform can never go into the law in the courts because they are an illegal group.

Then if their platform gets passed in the courts then everyone knows that they must have committed Treason to get their platform illegally passed.

If their views go into law everyone will know they committed treason to do this because it's illegal in the courts.

Then what happened before is leaders of groups like this like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. is that they were assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan people are saying in the 1960's for passing thier platform illegally through treason.

Today, Black Lives Matter is attacking George Zimmerman in public who did nothing wrong and stories are out that he is being assaulted (over killing a black criminal Trayvon Martin) at a public restaurant because of Black Lives Matter.

Then he was charged for stalking for sending too many text messages which has to be fake.

On top of that their was a second story on CNN (links below) of the same incident with another person charged with the same crime of sending too many text messages.

Rumor has it that this is being caused by Black Lives Matter in retaliation for police and members of the public for pursuing Black Gang Members.

People also think that the people pushing the text messaging charges on the inside are supporting Black Lives Matter and trying to get George Zimmerman and other people criminally charged for send too many text messages.

The people pushing the too many text messaging charges are apparently trying to pass the Black Lives Matter platform illegally in the courts against people like George Zimmerman and is part of their illegal platform in the courts.

So apparently the too many text messaging charges is part of the Black Lives Matter platform it is rumored and they are baiting people into arguments and then when they freak out and send them messages back Black Lives Matter supporters on the inside are pressing charges against them illegally for harassment, in order to get Black Lives Matter's platform through the courts.

It is just a rumor for now.

On top of that people are staging racial incidents to get in trouble with the police from groups like Black Lives Matter then they are taking their stories to the media in an attempt to ruin the name of the police and defend black criminals.

So they are staging incidents with the  police including one with Bob Marley's grand daughter to lure youths into their movement by attaching it to Bob Maley and them using them as a Black Lives Matter like platform on the internet and in the news to try and get black criminals like Trayvon Martin off charges in the courts when they commit crimes, under the guise of anti racism.

One of the Black Lives Matter co founders is an American Nigerian named Opal Tometi.

Just like with the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter is carrying out attacks and partially based in Africa just like is was apparently with Malcolm X. 

For all we know Black Lives Matter could be being run by Black Nigerian Muslims from Africa who are here carrying out terror attacks from the Middle East and Africa.

Just this weekend a terror warning was issued to American Citizens traveling in Canada and abroad during the middle of all this, probably from  Al Quadea or potentially Black Lives Matter.

Finally, if you want to fight racism make sure to not support groups like Black Lives Matter and do it in a regular way. 

Black Lives Matter will get you involved in violence, threats and attacks and you will end up facing legal repercussions. Black Lives Matter is only supporting criminals not defending racism.

Don't get wrapped up in these groups because you will only end up in trouble with the courts.

As a side note in the  George Zimmerman Story, it was a Biker on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle who lied and called Zimmerman a "nigger lover" and then punched him in the face and took off on a Harley Davidson.

I would think the Biker guy just said then backwards to piss off George Zimmerman because the stand your ground law is spreading from  Black Gang Members to White Motorcycle Gang Members and hurting them in Florida, now they are attacking Zimmerman for defending the stand your ground law.


" "You better get the f--- out of here you n----r lover, you ain't welcome here," the man told Zimmerman before punching him and breaking his glasses.

The man then fled on a blue Harley Davidson motorcycle.

"He told me he was going to kill me, he told me he'd f---ing shoot me, he punched me in the face," Zimmerman told the 911 dispatcher. "

If I had to guess I would say that they just did that to George Zimmerman on purpose to draw him into an argument.

Then he just did that to test the stand your ground law against Zimmerman to see if he would defend himself against a biker under the stand your ground law, like with Trayvon Martin.

That's probably because bikers are being hurt by the stand your ground law and are testing George Zimmerman to see if he'll back down on the issue and stop defending himself to gang members. 


People are tying all this to Black Lives Matter and their Supporters who are doing this to get media attention to pass their illegal platform in the courts.

George Zimmerman Punched in Face at Restaurant Over Killing Criminal Trayvon Martin:

George Zimmerman Charged For Sending Too Many Text Messages:

Woman Charged For Sending Too Many Text Messages:

Racist Rant Caught On Video At Denny's:

Nigerian Woman Kicked Off Airplane For Smelling Too Bad:

Bob Marley's Grand Daughter Detained By Police:


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