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Information: How To Make Free Calls On Your Android Smartphone Same As G5 Network Almost

Fongo is Canada's Free Calling Wifi App
People ask me this stuff so to understand it you need to understand how Smart Phones work.

Smartphones have TWO NETWORKS - WIFI and G5 /4G (or whatever is is on smart phones)

Your phone works on both connections, they are exactly the same.

The difference is that wifi is at home or hot sport and 4g is roaming.

This is what you have to understand, the telephone app on your smartphone on android is for the 4g roaming network that you have to pay for.

The Free calling phone app is for the wifi network.

The phone comes with the 4g network phone app for roaming.

You have to add the free calling phone app for wifi at home or hotspot.

Then you will have two phone icons on your smartphone.

You press one icon for free calls on wifi and the regular paid one for roaming.

You have to understand how smartphones work to get this. A smartphone is like a small laptop, only it has a cel phone transmitter and radio in it.

The laptop features of the phone is like connecting voice over ip from you home phone to your computer, only it's already installed.

So a smartphone is like a handheld laptop, with a cel phone transmitter in it. Then when you press the phone icon is does voice over ip. Either on the 4g or wifi networks.

The paid roaming phone service is 4g, the phone app that comes with your phone connects to the 4g paid roaming network.

This is the example:

When you press the telephone icon on your smartphone, that is a preinstalled app. That app accesses the cel phone transmitter on the paid 4g network.

Then you make paid called on your roaming plan.


Then you add the free calling phone app, which is a second phone icon.

You press the second phone icon to make free calls on the wifi at home or hotspots.

So you get the paid calling app with your phone but you need to add the free calling app for wifi.

When you press the free call icon for wifi, it access the same cel phone transmitter on your phone as the paid one, only it uses the voice over ip on the wifi network.

The oroginal icon is the paid icon on the 4g network.

The second icon you have to add it manually for free calls on wifi.

Both apps use the same phone transmitter, which is the psychical phone device hardware in the circuit board of your phone. 

The paid app is the original phone app and is locked to the phone on the 4g network in the smartphones operating system.

That phone app uses the paid system.

Then you have to add the free wifi app as a second phone icon.

When you click the free phone app it accesses the psychical phone transmitter on the wifi network for voice over ip, that is the same service on your phone....paid on 4g and free on wifi.

The app tells the phone transmitter which network to use.

So it is the same phone.

The smartphone comes with the paid app on 4g....that is the original phone icon on the smart phone for your phone plan.


You have to manually add the second phone icon to use the psychical phone hardware on the wifi for free.


1. Paid service on the 4g with the original icon

2. Free service on wifi with voice over ip on the manually added second icon

Then you get a real number on the wifi phone settings for your area code, I got a 902- area code Halifax number on the free service, just like activating a prepaid phone.

So, the original icon is the original phone number.

Then second icon you add is the second local phone number on wifi.

So you get two local phone numbers.

The first one is paid on 4g with your phone plan.

The second is the one you add for free calls on wifi with a local number.


You need to understand what smartphones are.

A smartphone is like a tiny laptop with a phone transmitter in it.

On Windows a program is an .exe file.

On an Android Smartphone a program is an .apk file.

Programs on Android are called apps and use .apk instead of .exe

So you download the .apk file which is the program install file instead of .exe file on windows.

The free phone app is a .apk program install file. 

Adding that gives you a second phone icon and second number that is totally free calling on wifi.

However beware of scams because people are writing phone calling programs (apps)  on .apk format (which is just .exe on smartphones) and asking for money to use a free service.

So you need the free phone .apk program file to activate the smartphone on the wifi network to make free calls on the same phone.

You need to understand the Android Smartphone Software.

Android is Linux.

The android smartphones run Linux which is free and open source.

So when you run android you are using Linux, so the programs are .apk for Linux instead of .exe for Windows.

The Android operating system is stripped down Linux. 

So they took Linux and stripped it down to make it fit on a smartphone, changed the name to Android and locked it. 

If you wanted to change the Android menu features on your phone  you would have to modify it's Linux Source Code to change it's features and update it through the USB Cable from your desktop.

However it would have to be opened.

Here is the point.

If you took your Android smartphone and wiped it to the DOS Menu then this would happen.

When you turn on the phone it give you a dos promt like on a laptop.

After that you can load Linux onto it. 

That's if it would fit.

If Linux didn't fit on the phone then you would have to go into the Linux Source Code, which is open source and then start removing features off Linux to make the Operating System smaller.

So you go into Linux in the source code and remove all it's features to make it a smaller file size, then you load it stripped down onto the smartphone in dos mode.

Then your phone would be running  a stripped down version of Linux.


The you add a Linux free calling app to access the smartphones cel phone transmitter, then you would have a Linux Phone with a Linux Free Calling App, this would only work on wifi only.

This would be a free wifi calling phone only running Linux on a smartphone.

Once the smartphone was loaded with Linux , then you access the cel phone transmitter by installing an app for free wifi calling.

This would remove all 4g paid features.

Wiping the smartphone and installing a clean version of Linux on it would wipe the 4g calling network.

Then you use a free calling app for Linux to access the phone cel phone transmitter to turn the phone on.

The would give your free calls on wifi only through Linux on your smart phone which is open source.

The phone gets wiped of Android and then the 4g features are removed.

Then, you add the clean Linux Operating System through dos via USB cable.

Then you would have wifi free calling only after you installed the free calling wifi app.

The phone would now be a small Linux laptop with a cel phone transmitter.

Then you activate the cel phone  transmitter on Linux for wifi with a free Linux voice over ip calling app.

Then you have free wifi calls on your smartphone on the Linux Operating System.

Of course, when you first wipe your smart phone and install Linux through dos with your USB Cable you first need to add the Linux Web Browser to your phone, then you can search the internet on your smart phone on Linux.

Then you add a free Linux radio app to access the smartphone radio transmitter.

Then you add a free Linux calling app for voice over ip on the smartphones cel transmitter.

This would erase the 4g network and turn it into a Linux Smartphone for free wifi calls only.

Then you could use your smart phone like Windows on the internet but only it's Linux instead.


For now:

To add free calling to your Android you add the .apk executable files for the free wifi calling through Google Play.

Google play has all the Android .apk files (like an .exe).

So you go to Google Play on your Android Phone and find the free calling .apk app for wifi then click on it and it automatically installs.

Then run the program to activate your free number on wifi and your are finished.

Then you can make free calls with a local number on wifi.

The free calling app in Canada is Fongo:

Fongo gives you a free local number and 911 access for free calls on wifi just like a paid phone.

Other apps have scams in them but Fongo looks clean.

Fongo, is the second phone icon for the phone keypad on your phone for free calling on wifi instead of 4g.

In the US I think you can get Google Hangouts / Google Dialer which is a similar wifi calling app.


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