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Sports: Rules I Hate About The NHL

Connor McDavid: Doing Gretzky Card Pose
These are rules I hate in the NHL:

So I am watching the NHL playoffs and Las Vegas are still in it and one win away from going to the Stanley Cup in the first season.

That's impressive but not whats pissing me off about NHL Hockey.

This is the number one thing I hate about the NHL rules now, no one is shooting on the goal.

Do they need a shot clock in the NHL or what?

When a team enters the offensive zone they should be forced to make shots on the goal.

Come on 5 shots in on period for Washington and Tampa had 15 shots. Holy crap people, can you please start shooting the puck?

Can't it be enough to get you to watch the game, then the don't shoot the puck enough. Maybe putting a shot clock up will make the game better by forcing them to shoot on the goal when they enter the offensive zone. Yeah a shot clock is stupid, but at least it will get the game going.

Then the teams spend all their time "holding possession"  and not shooting the puck.What are they scared they will lose possession by shooting on goal?

When they enter the offensive zone now they spending all their time holding possession and passing the puck back and forth and setting up then shot, then the goalie knows where the pucks's going to be EVERY TIME.

They have like what in the NHL now four offensive plays? Then they pass the puck around holding possession and they shoot from on what now like four different spots on a play and the goalie knows where the puck is going to be every time, not only that it takes them like ten minutes to set up  a shot every time they enter the offensive zone.

They have these have these bad rules in the NHL now, why not add a shot clock which it stupid but it would force them to speed up the action.

It's like watching MMA and they just bear hug each other for 20 minutes. No one wants to see that, they want to see them punching each other in the face as had as they can for two minutes.

Major things I hate now: These rules are meant to speed up the game play time but come on they are short cutting all the action in the NHL and now it looks they they are just editing it to make it smaller.

Delayed Offside:  When there is an offside call they don't stop play anymore and have a face off. This is totally stupid.

In an offside call they just let the other team take the puck now. Removing the face off from the
offside call is stupid. Instead of taking the puck out of the zone or whatever for a face off they just give the puck to the other team. That is stupid.

Taking out the face off for offside means the teams don't start over to fight for possession.

Icing: Players don't have to touch the puck for icing now, they just blow a whistle if it looks like icing. They should make them touch the puck every time.

Delayed Penalty: This has been going for a while now, a delayed penalty means the other teams gets the puck until the penalized team touches it and then the  penalty starts. Then if they score the penalty is over.

You can only score once on a penalty now. They should make the player sit in the penalty box for the full penalty, this will generate more scoring chances  and help get the shot counts up.

Laying on the ice: Players should not be allowed to lay on the ice to block a shot. Shot blocking should be done by standing up only, unless it's directly on the net at the goal where the player has to assume the role of the goalie.

Laying down on the ice to block a shot in center ice should be a penalty. 

That is ruining the game, laying down on the ice to block the shot is taking away all the ice for shooting on goal and the goalie doesn't have to do any work, then they know where the shot is going to be because they run the same plays every time.

For example, when a player literally lays down on the ice to block a shot from the blue line they are taking away like six feet of open ice.

After that there is no open ice left.

Then the team has to work to go around the guy laying on the ice and by the time they do that they run the same four plays every time and the goalie knows where the puck is going to be for the shot.

Then the defense spends all their time "crowding the net" and blocking the shots. They need to free up the open ice in the NHL by not allowing player to lay down and remove the open ice.

Then no one can shoot because there is no open ice. Laying down on the ice and crowding around the the net is the worst thing in Hockey.

There is not enough free space around the net and no one can get in to shoot the puck.

Getting the shot counts up should be a top priority of the NHL, all these new rules are just making the teams hold possession and there's no "on net" action.

Other than that, the players in the NHL look great now. So they have a good group playing in the NHL with quality top players, they just need to get the shot counts up because thier's no action on the goal.

If I didn't mention that is the best part of Hockey, plus they should make the goalie stop the shot not the Center's by laying on the ice. That should be a penalty.

Plus the sticks are too flexible, I know they are safer but they are too flexible and no one shoots.

Flipping the puck:

I know Sydney Crosby must have started this with his stick tricks now everyone is doing it but flipping the puck during a game should be a penalty.

This is not Lacrosse people, flipping the puck onto your stick and then "throwing it into the net" should be a penalty.

I see everyone flipping the puck in the open ice now, for example when you are approaching the blue line a player can flip the puck across the blue line to "deaden" the puck so that it doesn't travel to far into the zone and your team can retrieve it easier.

So instead of shooting the puck into the zone in the classic dump and chase, players deaden the puck by flipping it across the blue line. This stops the pucks momentum and then your teams can get the puck easier on offense.

I am not against that, just watch NHL highlights for examples of the "puck flip", I'm giving Sydney Crosby credit for inventing that. I am not against that however they should be regulating the puck flip.

A player should not be allowed to puck flip and throw the puck into the net. This is the equivalent of throwing the puck into the net with your hand.

Flipping the puck onto your stick with the puck flip and deadening the puck by holding it on your stick and throwing it into the net manually should be no goal, or perhaps a penalty.

A player should not be allowed to stop the momentum and pick it up with the stick and throw it into the net like in Lacrosse.

Watch early in this clip for an example. Connor McDavid is going around the NHL rules by using the puck flip trick and holding the puck onto his stick and throwing it into the net.

This should  be no goal because he is stopping the pucks momentum and then manually throwing the puck into the net.

The Connor McDavid puck flip into the net should not be allowed in Hockey, this should be no goal or a penalty. Watch for examples of the puck flip in NHL highlight clips.

The flexible sticks  are probably allowing the puck flip trick to be easily carried out by NHL players, they need to make the sticks less flexible and although I am not opposed to the puck flip it should be regulated in the NHL. Like no throwing the puck into the net with your stick by using the puck flip.

Watch at 4:00 you can see the players laying on the ice and there's no open ice to shoot and the offense has to skate around the guys, then the puck flip pass across the blue line and puck flip into the net you can see clearly near the end of the clip.


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