Sunday, April 29, 2018

NHL Hockey: Whatever!

It's the NHL 2018 Playoffs and whatever!

So The Las Vegas Golden Knights to me is supposed to be the Quebec Norqudues  which is what it originally was supposed to be in their press.

Las Vegas Golden Knights
Then they moved to Las Vegas instead, whatever, so it's like the Colorado Avalanche left and went back to Quebec, then Quebec didn't win the draft to get the expansion team.

So, it's like The Avalanche went beck to Quebec and didn't make it and ended up in Las Vegas and now they are the Knights, that's according to old press they put out.

Then Colorado kept the Avalanche so it's like they are a new team now, like they got their "independence" from being connected to Quebec.

So it's like Las Vegas is Quebec now.

Now they are saying that Billionaire Bill Foley former owner of the NBA Sacramento Kings and founder of the Palms Casino is the owner of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Golden Knights sounds like a Basketball name anyway and it turns out the owner used to own the NBA franchise the Sacramento Kings.

Bill Foley is a Graduate of West Point Military Academy and named the Golden Knights after the West Point  Military Academy Team the Black Knights.

The Army Black Knights are like the official team of the United States Military or something.

Then they said "now" that the "other bid" was by Quebecor  for the Norquiues but it didn't go through.

So they changed the story and now Las Vegas looks even more like the Quebec Nordiques.

Today they are saying there was two bids for expansion teams, not one. Yeah right.

The initial story was that it was the same team and they went to Las Vegas not Quebec.

Anyway, the point here is Quebec still left Colorado, who tried to go back to who own's the "independent"  Avalanche now Pepsi or what?

They do play at the Pepsi Center in Colorado. So the Avalanche may be Pepsi now or what because Quebec tried to go back, then they went to Las Vegas and they kept the Avalanche.

So the Avalanche look independent now (from Quebec) and like they are owned by Pepsi. The "Pepsi Avalanche" or something.

Then, the Las Vegas Golden Knights looks even more like Quebec now, they are just saying it was two different companies now with separate bids, but they both look like Bill Foley, who apparently may be the true owner of the Norqiques Franchise but I don't know.

Anyway the team in Las Vegas General Manager is George McPhee from the Washington Capitals.

Then their Head Coach is Gerard Gallant from the Detroit Red Wings.

Holy Crap, Ron McLean that's quite the new team there is Vegas this year. On their page it says they have no team captain right now, who's that going be Sidney Crosby?

Anyway Don Cherry, they already made the Playoffs in their first year as a new expansion team and guess what...they are in the Second Round on the 2018 Playoffs in their "first year" and hold on to your seat sports fans The Colorado Avalanche also made the Playoffs this year and got put out in the first round. Whatever!

Originally I thought the Golden Knights beat the Avalanche in the First Round in their first year, but it was actually Nashville that put them out.

So, the Golden Knights made the Playoffs and are in the Second Round after "leaving" Colorado...kind of..if they were Quebec.

Then new Avalanche (?) also made the playoffs buy got put out in the first round.

So The Golden Knights beat the Avalanche in their first year and are in the second round against, San Jose. I'm not a big Sharks fan though.

Holy expansion teams now or what. The only team I recognize in the West now is the Winnipeg Jets.

So it's Winnipeg vs Nashville and Les Vegas vs San Jose in the West now.

In the East it's Boston vs. Tampa and Washington vs Pittsburgh as usual.

Expansion team mania or what.

Anyway now Nashville looks right awesome now. It's take me a while but now one my new favorite favorite teams is the Nashville Predators.

Nashville Predators

At first I didn't care about the Nashville Predators but now they are such an awesome team they are one of my favorites.

Nashville is doing super awesome from the newer expansion teams. Anyway now I am a Nashville Predators fan because they are super awesome now.

So watch out for one of my new favorite teams The Nashville Predators because they are doing super awesome.

Although eliminated this playoffs  another of my new favorite expansion teams is The Columbus Blue Jackets.

Columbus Blue Jackets

Columbus is another new team that is doing super good so also watch out for them who are another one of my new favorite NHL Expansion teams.

Anyway, keep your eye on Las Vegas because it look's like it's heating up (get it? they are in the desert, so it's hot there)...with NHL excitement!

I doubted the Golden Knights but it's looks like they are doing good so far. Anyway, I am a fan of the story there so I'll just keep and eye out and see what happens.


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