Monday, April 16, 2018

Music: The East Coast Music Awards (Canada) Are in Halifax Next Month

Classic Halifax Band April Wine
Next month, May 2 will bring us the East Coat Music Awards to Halifax, the big deal is the band Sloan is playing. More on that to follow.

First the best Classical Album of the year award will probably be awarded to Symphony Nova Scotia. I would say that is probably the biggest band at the East Coast Music Awards.

First I would like to say that I don't participate in award ceremonies plus I am too great at music to even bother with this stuff, plus it's not cool to be in a Death Metal band and go to award shows.

Anyway, if you're looking for me at the ECMA's next month I may be down at the Tim Hortons on the Halifax Waterfront and I might have a snack in the park at Halifax City Hall that week so you may see me there.

Now I have more material on this Music Awards thing on the next post but first I would like to showcase the nominees for best "Loud" artist. I am assuming the Loud category means Heavy Metal music awards which is not cool at all.It's not cool to be at an awards show when you're "metal" these are things you're supposed to boycott, which is why I will be at Tim Hortons and the Park at City Hall having a snack that week instead.

Here is my review of the Loud artists for the ECMA's:

First, I think these albums are older that last year so I don't know why they are at this years ceremony on the webpage.

Hard Charger - Bad Omens
Sleepshaker - Things Are Different Now
Spirit of the Wildfire - Paradisolation
Tactus - Bending Light
ZAUM - Eidolon


That is the list, this is my review:

 Head Charger:

Why these bands travel around playing everywhere is beyond my comprehension, why waste money touring when you can't play.

The drums are off time in the mix. The kick and snare are playing a separate beat and is not sequenced to the guitar and is off time like the track mix is uneven.

The guitar sounds terrible and is making this wining sound like it's out of tune and it's not synced to the drums and again the guitar doesn't line up to the drums.

The vocals are just typical yelling that anyone can do.

This album totally sucks and is a waste of time.

 Sleepshaker , this album actually came out last year I think.

The guitar and drums don't match again like the last band and the the drum rolls are not in time with guitar and has the same yelling vocal style as on the last band.

The kick drum is bad off time with the guitar and the vocals don't sync with the song.

 Spirit of the Wildfire

This is album also actually came out last year.

This is amateur punk music not heavy metal and sound locally produced in a cheap studio.

This is so amateur I can't even tell how bad it sucks.


When I looked at this album cover I though is was a meditation relaxation CD, then it was music on it.

Again, this is not metal and older than last year.

This band sounds like they mixed a bunch a categories together but mainly has a Tool / Perfect Circle sound too it, then they break into this emo metal core thing mixing clean singing with hardcore emo yelling.

The vocals sound off key like they are trying to sing but don't know how to hit vocal notes. This band must not have any vocal training because they are trying to sing in a scale or something but don't know what the notes are and can't hit them.

This style of music sucks anyway.


I don't know what a Zaum but this is some kind of Myan ambient album with sounds of nature and relaxation on it. 

This totally sucks and is not loud or metal, then they break into to some kind of Black Metal like the band Ghost which like this also sucks.

This is not music, just a bunch of noise and clean singing and is ambient of crap or something.


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