Monday, April 16, 2018

Entertainment: Sloan is Playing at the ECMA Awards and The Trench Coat Mafia

Sloan will be Performing at the ECMA Awards
Sloan is playing at East Coat Music Awards and I heard on the Radio that it's at the Marquee.

Not the real Marquee like in Los Angeles of something, they just call it that. Anyway, it's on Gottingen Street in the North End  and I thought it was closed and the building was condemned.

I guess not, Sloan is at what? What I thought was a condemned building and I thought it was closed.

That should be a pretty good concert but the Marquee in the North End and Gottingen Street is a terrible venue and the area is run down, aka the Trench Coat Mafia are all down there.

So it's fun to see what the Trench Coat Mafia  will be doing during the Sloan Concert, they'll probably be down there bumming change with cardboard signs because the band used to be on Much Music.

Remember that fire where the band Great White got killed? That's the same kind of area probably, if that was me I'd be concerned about building safety if I was down there so just be careful if you go to the Sloan concert.

Trench Coat Mafia update:

This is just a quick update on the Trench Coat Mafia stuff with some more info.

Several years back when I was flamed on the internet by people in the Trench Coat Mafia and people from the Slums in Halifax and North End, plus they used to annoy me outside all the time.

This is more on that, apparently what was also happening  is when my records came out over ten years ago a bunch of people were going around asking people I knew if they liked me.

So that's where this flaming stuff started.

People found out about my records and then they went around asking everyone if they liked me or not to see if they would ridicule me or make fun of me.

The did this as a joke to make fun of them and then they came back and told me.

So they all went around asking everyone if they liked me personally when they found out about my records coming out and then the Trench Coat Mafia all said they hated me and started making fun of me.

Then they asked all the girls if they liked me or not and the ones in the Trench Coat Mafia all said they didn't and that they they thought their boyfriend was better than me.

Then they all came back to me and told me what they said about me. I'll probably write more on this later because it's long.

So what they did was people went around seeing if people would smack talk me when my records came out by lying to them, then a bunch of people all made fun of me and then everyone else told me about it.

Then they got all the girls to say they didn't like me then they all started making fun of them for saying it.

Then they came back and told me none of those people liked me and are all smack talking me.

Yes, that's all immature but it's what happened.

When I found out what they were saying I stopped associating with them all and that was it.

Then they started this argument with me and flamed me on the internet.

So that's what got the Trench Coat Mafia ranting about me.

They did the old "Do you like Jason Mackenzie?" trick. Then they said they didn't like me to see what they would say, then they came back and told me about it.

They did that on their own by the way, then they were all making fun of the girls there for saying they didn't like me and thought the Marilyn Manson look people were better.

Then I stopped associating with that crowd after I heard all this gossip and they all started flaming me on the internet and arguing with me.

The they told them they were going to be big music stars because they knew me and they believed them and all thought they were right big in music and then made all these shitty records.

I listened to the records and they have no musical theory on them at all, and there is no percussion on the albums.

So they have drums but no tempo or bpm with the metronome and then they don't play percussion on them.

So when you hear the records it's like half the sound it missing because there's not cymbols or percussion them.

Not having percussion on a record is just like not having a kick drum or snare drum on it.

If you listen to Metallica or some rock band like Rush or Led Zeppelin they have percussion on them and it's all in time and stuff, that's why people like it and it has the big sound.

That's because they included all the elements of music in their music, like percussion.

So playing percussion is also musical theory, and they just excluded it from their records.

What I mean is they didn't include all the "elements" of rock or metal music on thier records.

Not including percussion on a record plus they can't play theory is like trying to make a metal or rock album with no snare or kick drum, that's why they sound so bad. It's because theirs nothing on the record.

So they all went out and made this rock albums and then left half the drums off them because they didn't include percussion so their no drum sound to it.

Percussion helps give records that "big sound" like Rush or something, all those people just didn't use it.

So their albums sound empty with no theory on them, plus theirs no percussion.

Also I think they didn't record their drums with a multitrack.

It takes like a ten track multitrack recorder anyway to record a drum kit. I think they played each song over and over and recorded each drum on the kit one at a time in ten sessions and just mixed them together and didn't include percussion.

Having an album recorded with no multitrack on the drums and recording each drum one at a time, then they have no theory and dind't include percussion on the record, plus they can't play the theory of percussion  anyway. That's just terrible, why even bother making a record if you can't do that.

In fact they know no musical theory at all because there's none on their records, plus there is no tempo or bpm, plus half the drum sound is missing and they they didn't use percussion and can't play theory on cymbols/percussion.

Then people asked them if they didn't like me and they said they didn't and the girls said they didn't like me, then they all flamed me on the internet.

They turned out to be the Trench Coat Mafia bothering me, that's what these other people joking around with this "Do you like Jason?" thing started, but they didn't mean it to get out of hand. The Trench Coat Mafia did that.


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