Monday, April 9, 2018

Hitler: Famous Neo-Nazi Leader and Holocaust Denier Dies at 76

Gerd Honsik: Endsieg Leader Dies
Famous Austrian author and Neo-Nazi leader / Holocaust Denier Gerd Honsik has died at 76. 

Honsik was convicted in the 1960's of attacks in Austria and was a member of the banned Austrian NDP Party (National Democratic Party).

The Political Party was was banned in 1988 for being a Neo-Nazi Political Party who lead Neo-Nazi attacks in Austria in the 1960's, twenty years after World War 2.

Neo-Nazi leader Gerd Honsik was convicted of Holocaust Denial for writing and spreading books in Austria saying that Adolf Hitler's Holocaust never happened.

Austria, apparently a Country with no free speech sentenced him to 18 months in prison for writing books on Holocaust Denial.

If Holocaust Denial was a crime in North America then their would be no free speech and is unconstitutional here. Austria must be some sort of Low Level Dictatorship compared to North America's standards.

In Canada or the United States the Holocaust Denial Law is Unconstitutional and Honsik would have been awarded millions of dollars in damages for Constitutional Infractions against him by the Government.

In Austria he was sentenced to 18 Months for writing books. 

Honsik was the leader of "Endsig" meaning "the quest for final Nazi victory" and was a publisher of anti Jewish and Racist books denying that Adolf Hitler was a criminal and saying that the Holocaust never happened.


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