Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Sexuality: "Q" Added TO LGBT & Ally

Girls Can Now Safely Be Ally
I recently noticed that on LGBT posters in the City and on the internet that there has been a Q added to LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual). 

When I looked it up what they are saying is that LGBT is now LGBTQ.

Q in the term LGBT means "Questioning" or "Queer". So you can now say that you are Q if you are questioning your sexuality. I think they may mean that you can say it means queer if you are just questioning your sexuality.

So queer means now that you are "Questioning" your sexuality. Now you can say that you are Q in LGBTQ.

So Q can mean queer, but that now means questioning. So if you are Q you are questioning your sexuality.

So LGBT  is now LGBTQ, the q is not really queer but Questioning, and queer actually means questioning now.

The other new thing you can say is that you are Ally.

Ally is people who are an LGBTQ Ally, and they have their own flag. It's the same as the LGBTQ Flag but it's lighter pastel with less colors.

Many girls will probably say now that they are Ally, meaning an LGBTQ Friend or supporter.

Also girls may say that they are Ally if they are a little bit Gay or Transgender.

This is great for girls who are younger and in school or something because they can just say they are Ally if they don't want to come out of the closet. They also may be just a little bit gay or trans and don't want to say anything. Now they can say that they are Ally.

Then they can safely be Ally which is like LGBTQ with their own flag but it just means they support LGBTQ.

I can't find a good picture of the Ally Flag I saw outside on the internet but it's like the LBTQ Flag but is Light Pastels for Girls who are Ally, like light blue and pastel blue.
Also now they have Ally Safe Space, which is for people who are Ally so they can go places where they won't be bothered by people who don't like LGBTQ or Ally.

Personally, I can see where a lot of girls would like to be Ally because you don't have to be gay and you get your own flag like LGBTQ only it's pastel and has less colors.

This  would be great for High School Students who are girls so they can be Ally and have their own flag without people bothering them for coming out of the closet if they are gay or transgender.


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