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Halifax Music: Who Was The Halifax Band Fake Steppenwolf in the 1970's?

1973:Fake Steppenwolf - Halifax's Almost Famous
This is a loose story about the Halifax music scene so you can't really believe all this and it's mostly gossip.

Apparently in the early 1970's in Halifax there was a fake Steppenwolf.

They did the song "Born to Be Wild".

I heard this story about Halifax in 1973 during the brief period that Steppenwolf was broken up. At this time apparently there was a band from Halifax traveling around Nova Scotia pretending to be Steppenwolf from Ontario.

So this is a pretty good story about hard rock music in Halifax in 1973. All this gossip about the band fake Steppenwolf in Halifax in the 1970's got me excited to hear more Halifax Hard Rock Bands from the 1970's, like local Halifax Hard Rock bands that never made it etc.

I didn't really look too hard but I can't find any albums from Halifax in the Hard Rock Category from the 1970's from local bands and smaller bands. If those are out there I would like to hear them.

I started wondering if the band fake Steppenwolf had made an actual record in the 1970's but I can't seem to find it. I looked around briefly but I can't find any Hard Rock Albums from local Halifax Bands in the 1970's that would match this story.

The story is in the early 1970's a band in Halifax was copying the band Steppenwolf from Ontario and traveling around Nova Scotia in a 70's Rock Van posing as the band Steppenwolf and trying to pass themselves as the real band in the area.

If that was another band pretending to be Steppenwolf in Halifax then I would like to hear their record. By deduction, I tried to narrow this down by tracking down all Hard Rock bands from Halifax in the 1970's to see which one was posing as the band Steppenwolf but I can't find any.

If there are 1970's Hard Rock Albums from Halifax from small bands I would like to hear them. They would be like the ones that would have played with April Wine locally.

Fake Steppenwolf apparently was prominent in the Halifax area and in Nova Scotia for several years in the early 1970's during the formation of the Halifax Rock Band April Wine.

What I was hoping to find was other Hard Rock bands that were playing with April Wine in the Halifax area locally at concerts that never made it.

I'm assuming that April Wine did not just play concerts by themselves in Halifax in the early 1970's and that like today there were many other bands playing Hard Rock Music around them that never made it big but they have played at their concerts.

I started trying to track down records of bands that may have played with April Wine in Halifax in the early 1970's hoping that one of them would have been fake Steppenwolf.

Apparently, the height of fake Steppenwolf in Halifax was in 1973 during the break up of the real Steppenwolf in Toronto probably. 

During this period I have heard that fake Steppenwolf was all over the Halifax Area during the early days of April Wine pretending to be Steppenwolf and trying to pass themselves off locally as the real band.

People have said locally that they looked like a real band and had this van and stuff and then were saying they were the band Steppenwolf.

However, no one knows if they were playing concerts with April Wine or anyone or if they did a real record under their own name.

Not only all that, there is more to this story.

The story of fake Steppenwolf is classic in Halifax apparently and well known to people I have heard through out Nova Scotia where the band was traveling around saying they were Steppenwolf durning their early days and the start of April Wine.

Fake Steppenwolf from Halifax would be a classic record to hear today if they made one.

Here is the best part of the story of the Halifax band fake Steppenwolf. 

All their stories they were telling came from Rolling Stone Magazine in the early 1970's, specifically I am hearing 1973.

So the fake Steppenwolf story came from articles in Rolling Stone Magazine in 1973 which they were reading and retelling to the public about their adventures in music to make a name for themsleves.

Then they tried to pass themselves off as the real band Steppenwolf.

You can read about what fake Steppenwolf was telling the public in Halifax in back issues of Rolling Stone Magazine. So their story they told is hidden in the articles of Rolling Stone Magazine.

What I am doing is tracking down the old back issues of Rolling Stone Magazine from the early 1970's to read the stories that fake Steppenwolf was using to pretend to be that band in Halifax.

People in the area may remember hearing stories in the Halifax area about this local rock band, but in reality they didn't know they were just repeating the articles in Rolling Stone Magazine and saying it was about their band. 

Then they tried to get people to believe they were Steppenwolf.

This could be important today because these people may be involved in music somewhere but there back story is fake and taken from Rolling Stone Magazine.

This could be some kind of scam or something today. People may think that these guys around here were in a Hard Rock Band in Halifax in the 1970's as a back story in some scam or something, but their story really came out of Rolling Stone magazine.

If you read the old stories in Rolling Stone Magazine, that is the material fake Steppenwolf was telling everyone. Regular people in 1973 never read Rolling Stone Magazine and probably didn't know what they were telling them was really an article in Rolling Stone.

Apparently they were making a name for themselves locally and being a band, but they used stories from Rolling Stone Magazine to make a fake backstory for themselves and then they went around pretending to be famous.

Anyway, I would still like to hear the fake Steppenwolf Record from 1973 from Halifax if they made one.

If someone know's fake Steppenwolf then their story they told everyone is really articles in Rolling Stone from mainly 1973 I am told.

Now I plan on reading all those old magazines to hear the story of fake Steppenwolf from Halifax.

Plus, now I'm digging out tons of Hard Rock Records from the early 1970's to see what's on all them, there could be some hidden gems in there. More on that later in a future post but obscure 1970's Hard Rock Records are big right now like fake Steppenwolf if they made a record.

So if you're wondering whats popular right now in music it's obscure 1970's Hard Rock Albums like the bands that were out with Steppenwolf but never made it. 

Tons of people right now are listening to 1970's hard rock bands that never made it but played with bands like Steppenwolf, hopefully later I'll have a list of my favorite obscure hard rock records after I listen to tons of them.

Not only that the story of fake Steppenwolf in Halifax that they told from Rolling Stone Magazine get this...was also the content used in the movie Almost Famous.

The movie Almost Famous about Rolling Stone magazine in 1973 about Hard Rock Bands is about the same content that launched fake Steppenwolf in Halifax in 1973.

So long before the movie the content was in the pages of the actual Rolling Stone Magazine.

In the early 1970's during the early days of April Wine in Halifax this is the same time period as the move content in Almost Famous.

Fake Steppenwolf also prominent in Halifax during this time period got there scam out of the pages of Rolling Stone magazine that was later made into the movie Almost Famous.

That must have been good content in Rolling Stone magazine in 1973, later it was made into the movie Almost Famous.

In 1973 in Halifax that content in Rolling Stone also launched fake Steppenwolf ....that was during real Steppenwolf and April Wine.

Fake Steppenwolf may have actually played with real Steppenwolf or April Wine in the early 1970's in Halifax but no one knows for sure.

The story of fake Steppenwolf is the article content from Rolling Stone Magazine that later because Almost Famous.  

That is a local story to Halifax but is apparently true.

Ironically enough, just like the move Almost Famous fake Steppenwolf never made it.

So they must have been coping the story of bands that never made it that they heard about in Rolling Stone in the 1970's.

There point is here that the Rolling Stone content must have been pretty good in 1973 if it launched fake Steppenwolf in Halifax and years later it became the movie Almost Famous.

I would suggest tracking those magazines down because it sounds like good reading material, plus if you are from Halifax you will be reading the story of the classic Halifax Hard Rock Band fake Steppenwolf, hopefully someday the fake Steppenwolf Record will surface.


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