Sunday, April 22, 2018

A Salute To Chloe Talbot by Jason MacKenzie

Chloe Visiting Marge Simpson
In The Simpsons Season 16 Episode 4 "She Used To Be My Girl"  Chloe Talbot makes her triumphant return to her small hometown of Springfield.

Chloe, whose life dream growing up  was to be the girl who moved away from her home town did actually move away.

Later in life, Chloe made for herself a successful career as a CNN style news and media journalist. 

During a visit to her home town Chloe visits her old friend Marge Simpson. Marge who hasn't seen Chloe since High School (I think they said) becomes infuriated by Chloe for becoming a successful journalist while she stayed home and did nothing with her life. 

Marge Confronts Chloe Over Her Small Town Jealousy
Meaning, Marge decided to be a stay at home mom with no career while her old friend from High School moved away and became a successful television journalist.

Small Animation of Chloe Working for Television
After Marge spends some time with Chloe during her visit to their hometown Marge becomes infuriated by Chloe's successful life because Marge never became a famous television journalist.

Marge's jealousy of Chloe leads her into hating Chloe because she is famous and all the television broadcasters keep asking her out and she did interviews with famous celebrities.

During the show Marge begins drinking and becomes super jealous of Chloe's success after she left her hometown and starts a fist fight with her because she never made anything of herself.

Chloe Standing With a Jealous Small Town Marge Simpson
Eventually at the end of the Episode Chloe goes back home.

In a way we can all relate to this story if we have achieved success in a small town. 

Chloe With Her Old Boyfriend Barney in a Flashback
Just beware and remember to stay clear of jealous Marge Simpson's in your small home town when you, like Chloe Talbot become successful.


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