Saturday, March 31, 2018

News: Sobeys Corporation Lays Off Staff And Then Asks Them To Come Back For Free For Job Training

Rip Off
Here we go with Sobeys Corporation again...

Sobeys just started laying people off I guess for downsizing and now they are asking their fired staff to come back to work for free and take a program so they can give them unpaid job training.

Drop dead scum.

They fire you and now they ask you to come back in and take a course from them for free on how to start a small business.

Fuck you.

Then what? 

Then if your small business is successful what? Then they will say they own it and want your money because they made it.

Asking fired staff to do that is the biggest insult you could ever give to someone.

Yeah, they lay you off then want you to come back for free to take a class from them.

They are just doing that because they think their staff are suck holes to them, then they just do that to humiliate you by making you come back suck holing for a free class because they are rich and think they own everyone.

Whatever, whoever takes that class is the biggest humiliated suck hole in the history of Earth , then they probably think by taking the class they will get their job back.

That is just their company making fun of their fired staff.

Oh right ....I almost forgot. That's because they think they run the Government and are putting in programs like they have at the Unemployment Office or Welfare Office.

Now they just run the unemployment job finding programs right at their business when they lay you off.

Right, now instead of taking the class from then Unemployment Office you can take it from the Company that just fired you because they think they are the Government.

Sobeys Inc must be the most humiliated company to ever exist in public pulling those stunts every two minutes....right, just like the Viola Desmond one and the $10 bill.

Now they just train you for your next job when they fire you because you're a suck hole even when you don't work there anymore they are saying because they think their so great.

Fuck you traitors.


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