Sunday, March 11, 2018

Politics: President Donald Trump Calls For Death Penalty For Drug Dealers, Claims Canada Outsmarting the United States

Trump: Death Penalty for Drug Dealers
United States of America - President Trump calls for Death Penalty for Drug Dealers.  

Donald Trump is asking US Citizens to consider voting in favor of the Death Penalty for Drug Dealers, what I am assuming from the article is that what he means is in cases of where large scale drug dealing like opiates has lead to the death of drug users.

What they are saying is that the United States Government wants to start executing drug dealers for causing the deaths of people from using street drugs.

For example over the last several decades there is a large amount of people who have died from drug overdoses from using street drugs or bad drugs on the street.

The argument is, if you sell someone bad street drugs and they die is it murder?

Well if it's laced with bad chemicals on purpose it is.

Look at the case of pharmaceutical companies. If they cause the death of people from their drugs is that murder? Well maybe, but everyone knows who they are anyway so the courts already know how to deal with that.

 For drug dealers who is responsible for those deaths? 

Can you blame one drug dealer for the causing the death of someone they have nothing to do with because someone else caused them to die?

The point here is, charging drug dealers with the death sentence over other people dealing will stop drug dealing because of the large penalty.

So yes giving drug dealers the death penalty because another person caused people to die will reduce drug dealing by sentencing the next dealer for the last one's crimes. 

In Canada, that would be life in prison.

How much drugs are we talking about here anyway that would be the death penalty?

Is getting caught with 100 Tons of Heroin the Death Penalty in the United States?

That's because they are saying that the 100 Tons caused people to die and it's murder, that's because there has to be a death in there somewhere because of overdoses.

So it's a large debate.

How much drugs would you have to get caught dealing for it to be execution? That's the real debate.

If that went into law they would be executed for causing the "murder" of people from drug overdoses in their group - drug dealers.

So it's like individuals would be charged for the group's crimes, like "dealers" are a group of people causing deaths.

Anyway, I get why that would be execution....but how much drugs are we talking here before it's the death penalty anyway?

In a related story, Trump calls Canada politics "brutal" and says that we have outsmarted US Politicians for decades.

Trump also said the United States has a large deficit to Canada as well. 

If the United States wants to start paying that off, we'll be accepting any form of entertainment stuff or Hollywood memorabilia and maybe other types of free merchandise for the public in Canada would be nice.



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