Friday, March 16, 2018

Canada: Ku Klux Klan Protests Desmond Bill Says Bill Also Racist To Black People

The KKK Swears To Protect John A MacDonald
The Ku Klux Klan or KKK have said in Canada the they are protesting the removal of John A MacDonald from the Canadian $10 Bill, KKK Chapters in Alabama and the Southern United States are saying they have been "re-invigorated"  in their cause and are starting the "Next chapter" or "phase" of the KKK.

The new launch of the KKK, will be a more prolific group with a stronger message to match today's low moral standards torward's white historical figures like John A MacDonald.

In the same message the KKK also says the Desmond $10 Bill is also racist to blacks because of the small sentiment of the bill, meaning they put her on the bill for sitting in the white section of the theater...the KKK says this is sending the message to people that this is a large accomplishment for black people but it would go unnoticed if a white person did a similar act.

Also, the theory is that the whole incident was staged and planned in advance of the de-segregation law that was coming out.

The theory is that traitors in the government or crooked politicians planned or knew the law was going to be changed in advance so they staged the event for publicity prior to changing the law just like with Rosa Parks.

Was Sobeys Corporation at the time in 1946 responsible for this publicity stunt? Did Frank Sobey himself plan this event in New Glasgow, then years later after they sued and the court overturned a referendum they placed Viola Desmond on the bill from my hometown in Nova Scotia?

A crazy theory, maybe...that's what I am hearing.

Is this the Viola Desmond Film?
 Also what movie were they watching in 1946? I looked it up and here is the list of possible movies they were at during the event.

My pick is "Appoint With Crime"  starting William Hartnell and released November 4th 1946, 5 days before the Viola Desmond incident on November 8th, 1946.

Also I checked and just months earlier in April 1946 Sobeys, Inc had just incorporated.

So Sobeys inc , the Company that overturned the Sunday Shopping law illegally from New Glasgow,  had just Incorporated months before the Viola Desmond incident.

Referenced on this link under Sobeys  Post War Expansion:

Then in the same manner as the Sunday Shopping Law they changed the Segregation rules  by staging a stunt at the Roseland Theater as a publicity stunt and then overturned the law, right after they incorporated.

Did Frank Sobey Stage the Desmond Incident?
The theory is that Sobeys committed Treason in Canada when they incorporated in April 1946 and then in November 1946 they staged the Viola Desmond incident to begin changing the laws in Canada illegally, just like they did with Sunday Shopping several years back.

The Question is, if that is true what other laws have they changed illegally through Treason in Canada?

Stay Tuned.


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