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Treason In Canada: Treason in Ottawa Removes John A MacDonald From the $10 Bill and Replaced by Traitor from New Glasgow Nova Scotia

Canada's Laura Secord Placed on $10 Bill
First I am trying to see if the is a scam or something on the internet, because the only possible explanation other than that is that it came from treason in Ottawa and war criminals possible from The Balkans.

The fake website , put out a false story that Canada's first Prime Minister was a Genocide War Criminal against the Indians.

Then everyone started saying that they wanted to change the name of things with John A. MacDonald on them.

Then, they removed John A. MacDonald from the $10 Bill....

Now I don't know if this is a scam or what but if that's true it's open treason in Ottawa.

So they went around saying here  for two minutes that John A MacDonald was a Genocide War Criminal for killing Indians.

Then they put a black woman (Viola Desmond, a Traitor to Canada) from New Glasgow, NS on the $10.

Coincidentally, I am also from New Glasgow Nova Scotia the same as Viola Desmond also known as America's Laura Secord, who escaped for Treason from the United States.

Laura Secord like traitor Benedict Arnold, is also the story of Viola Desmond.

Also, I am thinking that Traitors from Nova Scotia did that illegally.

At first glance it appears to be the same thing as the Sunday Shopping law where the Nova Scotia Court illegally overturned a referendum to put in Sunday Shopping.

Now also in Nova Scotia it looks like the same Traitors are up to it again and have placed a Black Woman from New Glasgow on the $10 Bill they are saying with NO VOTE.

Ottawa apparently, has stripped the beloved to all people of Canada John A. MacDonald from the Ten Dollar bill and replaced it with a black woman from New Glasgow.

All this with no vote....the Dictators in Ottawa along with their Traitor Counterparts in Nova Scotia have openly removed John A. MacDonald , Canada's George Washington, from the Ten dollar bill and replaced him with Canada's Rosa Parks, Viola Desmond and is probably a made up story.

Just like the Sunday Shopping Law.

Now they are all saying that John A MacDonald is a Genocide War Criminal to ruin the foundation of Canada and are making this up during "Black History Month" and are appeasing blacks and aboriginals by "making it up to them" by putting traitor Viola Desmond on the $10 Bill.

Further reading of the story it says she was actually from Halifax, so Viola went from Halifax to New Glasgow to see a movie probably because they knew it was black and white segregated in 1946 the year after Adolf Hitler was defeated by Canada in Germany. 

Then she sat in the white section probably on purpose and wouldn't pay the 1 Cent difference I think in price and was charged for shop lifting or something.

Then she spent the night in jail or something and they made her Canada's Rosa Parks.

A psychic investigation by myself has led my to believe that she was copying Rosa Parks, however this happened before Rosa Parks.

So Rosa Parks is actually America's Viola Desmond.

That's because the Viola Desmond story came first, then Rosa Parks later pulled the same stunt in America.

My psychic investigation has also led me to this conclusion... 

This stunt at the movie theater by Traitor Viola Desmond was planned in advance and they set it up knowing what would happen.

Then, lawyers at the time made this big deal about it as some publicity stunt.

Viola then defected to the United States where Rosa Parks copied her and pulled the same stunt that the planned in Alabama copying the one in my home town of New Glasgow.

Ten years later after the Rosa Parks event at the age of 50 Viola Desmond died in New York City in 1965 probably from being executed for Treason in the United States.

Did Viola Desmond defect to the United States after her stunt in New Glasgow in 1946, then give Rosa Parks her plan...then in 1965 Viola Desmond was probably secretly executed for Treason for trying to help overthrow the United States of America in the next phase of her plan.

Now if you Traitors in Ottawa and Nova Scotia are openly Dictating to Canada now saying that John A MacDonald was Genocide War Criminal....then my Permenant Stance is now that Viola Desmond Was a Traitor and Executed in the United States. That's what my new research will be.

So if you Traitors in Ottawa can pull John A MacDonald from the $10 with no refferendum, then I will openly say that Viola Desmond was a Traitor and it's why you picked her.

Then I will spend all my time proving it in public on the internet. So fuck you fake dictators in Ottawa.

Now Traitors in Ottawa have placed her on the Ten Dollar Bill after saying beloved John A. MacDonald was a Genocide War Criminal, just like Traitors in Nova Scotia changed the Sunday Shopping Election Illegally.

Then with no vote the Dictators in Ottawa declared John A MacDonald a War Criminal on a fake website called and removed him from the Ten Dollar Bill Illegally with no vote or referendum.

This story is so ridiculous it may be fake, if the bill is the real ten dollar bill then Ottawa is openly Dictating in Canada with their Partners in Nova Scotia and have placed a Black Woman from New Glasgow or Halifax on the ten dollar bill to get revenge on John A MacDonald for killing the Indians up in Ontario.

Stay tuned, this is a big story here in Canada. Now you will see tons of fake stories coming out on the news about what the Dictators are doing in Ottawa.

Well if Viola Desmond is Rosa Parks in Canada, but Desmond was first.

Then she is also Laura Secord or Benedict Arnold for then Defecting to the United States (more info to follow).

That would make John A MacDonald be Adolf Hitler now.

Since I am also from New Glasgow and live in Halifax now, that would probably make me Canada's George Washington.

Then when I am Canada's George Washington in the future all Traitors in Nova Scotia and Canada will be openly executed for Treason in Halifax.

That's for their crimes against Canada over the Ten Dollar Bill, Sunday Shopping and there was also and incident with the Nova Scotia School Board last year.


Is John A MacDonald Canada's Adolf Hitler?

Was Canada Founded by Adolf Hitler? 

Stay Tuned.


Fake John A MacDonald saying the history of Canada was by Genocide War Criminals:

Nothing on that page is true or real:

Viola Desmond: The original Rosa Parks
Viola Desmond...Canada's Laura Secord and originator of the Rosa Parks Story:

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John A Macdonald: Canada's Adolf Hitler
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Adolf Hitler: Germany's John A MacDonald:

Jason MacKenzie: Canada's George Washington
Jason MacKenzie (Me):  Canada's George Washington:

Founder of the United States of America

Stay Tuned on this developing scam....I mean story.


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