Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Food: Melitta Coffee The Inventor of the Coffee Maker

Drink Delicious Coffee
Recently, while scouring the sales in stores in Halifax I noticed this can of Melitta Coffee that was on sale. 

This coffee is not something that I would usually buy but I was looking for a good deal on some coffee and it was marked down at the store in Halifax. When I read the back of the can it said they were the inventor of the drip coffee maker and coffer filter.

"Yeah right" , I thought. "Fuck you." I said to myself. "There's no way that they invented drip coffee and the filter."

Anyway, I bought the coffee to see what they were going on about on the back of the can and decided I would look this up on the internet.

To my surprise it was true apparently. Melitta Bentz is the one who invented the coffee filter and drip coffee in like 1908, somehow I never knew any of that. 

Anyway, that was my reward for trying all the different sales at the stores when I am out shopping. Now I know something new and thought I would share this information with the world.

It turns out that this company may actually be the company that LOST the patent for the coffee maker and coffee filter.

In my previous research on other topics I have heard of similar stories and this reminds me of the one where a coffee company started making coffee filters and lost the patent when everyone started copying them in coffee shops in the early 1900's.

I don't know if this is accurate or not but I think that's who that is, so when they say they invented drip coffee on the can and invented the coffee filter I think what they are really famous for is losing the patent to the coffee filter and maker when diners started copying them in the open.

Did Melitta Lose the Coffee Filter Patent in 1908?
That may be a rumor, but I am not sure. That may be one of those stories where someone invented something and everyone copied them in one second and they lost the patent. Maybe.

It's one of those old classic diner coffee shop stories about the origins of diner coffee.

The coffee itself is actually pretty good and tastes like a good diner coffee that you would buy at a truck stop or diner somewhere, way better than Maxwell House anyway.

Classic New York Diner

I would recommend this coffee if you are looking for a tasty diner or truck stop coffee to have, thumbs down though for losing the patent.


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