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Controversy: Is Malcom X A Traitor To America?

Malcolm X: Traitor to America?
Recent events are showing us in North America that many former "civil rights leaders" and "activist" and actually traitors to America.

Now this topic, treason, is not just prominent white people like Nelson Rockefeller, who was probably executed for Treason.

To paint a context for this argument, the controversy is not treason but color. Black Traitors such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks and Viola Desmond as it appears in the public record from the mid 1900's are just as susceptible to criticism as while people like Nelson Rockefeller. 

So the issue is not treason for the controversy, the issue is if you say a Black Man is a traitor people call you a racist. If he is actually a Traitor then he is the same Traitor as his fellow white man.

Color does not matter in cases of Treason.

You can't say that it is racist for pursuing Malcolm X as a Traitor because he is black. If you criticize people for pursuing Black Civil Rights leaders as Traitors then you are an Un-American.

If you say that Malcolm X was not a Traitor because he was Black you are an Un-American, plus Malcolm X was Muslim and was actually a Muslim rights activist and the Detroit based organization "Nation of Islam" could be Al Quadea. 

Was Malcom X a member of Al Quadea? That remains to be proven but Islamic Terrorists today from the Middle East are also Islamic just like Malcolm X.

The point here is this is a controversial subject but recent events concerning the Viola Desmond $10 Bill which was passed with no vote in Canada has exposed the American Black Civil Rights movement as possible Traitors to America.

For myself this is a large volume of material that has just come out so for now we'll just say that Black Civil Rights leaders from the 1960's may have been traitors as their groups have now been linked to Treason.

Nation of Islam Co-Founder-Wallace Fard Muhammad
 This is a theory open to debate, I'm not saying I'm anti civil rights for minorities but the laws need to be passed legally not through Treason.

If Black Civil Rights passed through Treason, then all the minority rights laws are illegal.

This theory that has just come out is that The American Civil Rights movement was illegal, and was passed by Treason and that Black Activists like Malcolm X passed their movement by cheating and committing treason, which led to their assassination and possible executions in the United States of America.

If Martin Luther King Jr is a Traitor, then his actual "dream" that he had was to overthrow America for personal gain. Then he was assassinated.

When you read this theory don't think about race, think about Treason.

Are the Black Panthers Traitors?
The theory is that Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Viola Desmond were all Traitors and had advance knowledge of the upcoming de-segregation laws and used that to make a publicity stunt for black people.

Then they connected the stunt to the Nation of Islam which is today could be an Al Quadea front.

So Black rights could be a front for a Terrorist Organization and to today the Nation of Islam would be Al Quadea.

If Viola Desmond is a Traitor, then Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. and Terrorist Leaders for today's Al Quadea.

If Black Rights was passes illegally then Malcolm X is a Terrorist. Like his fellow supporters the Black Panthers would have been a Black Terrorist group put in place against America during the Viet Nam War.

Is Black Power a Traitor Terrorist Group
If Black Civil Rights in the 1960's passed by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr were done through treason then The Black Panther party launched in 1966 is an enemy front against America during the Vietnam war.

Were the Black Panthers a Islamic Terrorist Group hiding behind Rosa Parks and Malcolm X illegally passed laws during Viet Nam?

It remains to be seen, but it is appearing through historical research that it may be a fact.

That makes The Black Civil Rights movement in America a Terrorist Group and is Populated by Black Islamic Extremists and Al Quadea Groups.

Martin Luther King Jr: Traitor to America?
To put this in a regular American context, then the Ku Klux Klan was right about Black Extremists and won their argument.

This is why free speech is important in America and Canada, groups like the KKK and White Power are the voice of reason against non white extremists groups for regular Americans with every day regular beliefs.

Groups like the KKK and White Power keep the voice of regular Americans and Canadians in place against non-white militant extremists, now those black groups have potentially exposed for Treason and cheated to beat the Ku Klux Klan in the 1960's. 

It's not racist to hate Malcolm X if he is a Traitor to America. 

That's because that would make him an Enemy Combatant and Terrorist hiding behind The Civil Rights Movement.

There is much more to come on this topic over the next decades but for now I will keep it to the simple theory:

In the Mid 1900's Traitors knowing that de-segregation was coming after World War 2 staged the Black Civil Rights movement to use as a front for Terrorist groups in America which later became Al Quadea.

At the time...Black and White segregation was at an all time high because America was fighting in World War Two so they had restricted non-white racial movements in America fearing they were Terrorist Groups from overseas and Africa where they were involved in Military Operations.

In Canada, Japanese people were placed in Internment Camps during the war. That way by placing all Japanese People in Internment Camps that they would know for a fact that they pacified the Japanese Terrorists from South East Asia in Canada by removing all of them from the streets taking away their potential for a violent outbreak in Canada by removing all Japanese, thus quelling the threat.

After the war was over America and Canada then began de-segregation, Traitors in both Governments knew this was coming and used Black Minorities to stage a publicity stunt and launch The Black Civil Rights Movement.

If traitors made the Black Civil Rights Movement after World War Two just after Africa was defeated, the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X may have filled the movement with Terrorists from defeated Africa who launched fronts in America under the guise of Black Civil Rights.

Then the American Black Civil Rights movement, lead by the Nation of Islam fill the Black groups including the Black Panthers with Black Terrorist Islamic Soldiers from Africa who used the Civil Rights Groups to hide in America after World War Two and during Vietnam and carry out Terrorist attacks in America in the 1960's and 1970's.

Today that would make them Al Quadea Terrorist Groups also from Africa and the Middle East.

In fact, the turbulent 1960's period may have been caused by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, being Terrorist Leaders in their front while Black Militant Groups From Africa posing as the civil rights movement carried out attacks on America.

All this is coming out now because of the Viola Desmond $10 Bill which was illegally passed. How they passed the $10 Bill is similar to a "missing link" in information that when you read it exposed the Black Civil Rights movement plan and connects them all to Islamic Terrorists from Africa in the Mid-1900's to today's Al-Quadea groups from the same region.

More infomatin on that later as it comes out.

Then it is now believed (no matter what the official story is) that on the ground in the 1950's and 1960's that the Black Leaders like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. were in a fight locally with the Ku Klux Klan.

This is important, then the KKK knew locally that Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. couldn't pass their laws then when the Black Civil Rights Laws passed anyway the KKK knew they were illegal and they Civil Rights Leaders cheated and then they were possibly killed by the Ku Klux Klan.

So on the ground locally the Black Leaders were in a fight with the KKK and when they cheated the KKK and passed thier laws through Treason they were killed by members of the KKK who knew different.

The actual cause of the "Turbulent 1960's" may have been the actual Black Leaders carrying out Terrorist Attacks and hiding though Treason in America.

The Traitors in America at the time siding with defeated Africa and allowing Islamic Terrorist like Malcolm X to operate.

The Ku Klux Klan knowing that this was not possible knew they were cheated and killed their Black Leaders.

Malcolm X according to his Biography is a Criminal and Islamic matching today's Al Quadea and was killed.

Malcolm X's Organization "The Nation of Islam"  also says they are Sunni with Malcolm X and are Middle East Group.

Wallace Fard Muhammad was a co-founder of The Nation of Islam and also Disappeared.

Martin Luther King Jr. was also connected to Viola Desmond and Rosa Parks and was killed.

Viola Desmond also died after the events.

Rosa Parks didn't die until 2005 at the age of 95 and is an exception in those killed or missing in the Black Civil Rights Movement.

Louis Farrakhan: Traitor to America?

Today the Nation of Islam is led by  Louis Farrakhan, possible Terrorist Leader and led the Million Man March to Washington DC, which was possibly passed by Treason.


Approximate Time Line:

Wallace Fard Muhammad - Nation of Islam Co-Founder Disappears in 1933 in Detroit - Possibility Killed or Executed For Treason

Malcolm X - Killed in New York in February 2, 1965.

Viola Desmond - Dies February 7, 1965 five days later in New York and possibly executed.

---Were Malcolm X and Viola Desmond Together in New York in February 1965?---

Black Panthers founded 1966.

Martin Luther King Jr - Killed April 4, 1968.


More research to come as this is a larger topic, but the evidence is leaning towards the Civil Rights Movement being a Traitor Terrorist Group.

Also, that is the Black Group...what the other Civil Rights Leaders?


Who were the Jewish or other Civil Rights Leaders and is their similar violence surrounding their cause?

Did Africa side with Vietnam in America during the Vietnam war and use The Black Panthers to attack America for Vietnam?

Was the Million Man March stunt in Washington D.C. staged by Traitors in America similar to the Rosa Parks and Viola Desmond events if that was the case?

Remember, to kids today in their teens and twenties the 1950's is almost 70 years ago, to their parents or grandparents who grew up in the 1960's during the events that would be the American Civil War in the Old West.

To young people today the 1960's is the Old West to their parents or grandparents. That's what an old issues this is.

The American Civil Right's Movement today is like something from the Old West to young people's grandparents.

This is old issue to be resolved.

Stay tuned this is a long topic with a large volume of material that has just come out.


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