Thursday, March 1, 2018

NHL: What is the Las Vegas Nights?

Las Vegas Nights

Apparently, there is a new team in the NHL called the Las Vegas Nights. Yeah I get it as in like gambling at a Casino.

The Las Vegas Nights , it sounds like a tourism advertisement for gambling and partying.

So if didn't know or you are a girl or something this is your NHL update:

This may be bullshit but it was on the internet a while ago, TBD:

The Quebec Nordiques are now the Las Vegas Golden Knights

The Colorado Avalance are no longer the Quebec Nordiques , and are now seperate.

Colorado Avalanche

Colorado used to be the Colorado Rockies NHL Team.

So, Colorado used to be the Rockies, then they were the Avalanche, which is the Quebec Nordiques.

Then they tried to bring the Quebec Nodiques back BUT Quebec didn't win the franchise so they went to Las Vegas instead and now they are the Nights.

Quebec Nordiques

I have no idea what I am reading. The Colorado Rockies NHL Team was in Colorado, then they were the Nordiquies.

Now the Nordiques in Colorado are just the Avalanche now and are no longer Quebec.

So the Colorado Avalanche are just Colorado now like the Rockies NHL Team.

Colorado Rockies
The  Quebec Nordiques tried to come back but are now in Las Vegas.

So the Quebec Nordiques are now the Las Vegas Knights. (?) Boooooooo

Anyway, I don't know what I am reading on that. I give the Las Vegas Knights 2 minutes in the NHL before they fold like the original Colorado Rockies.

I wanted the Quebec Norqidues back but they didn't and are Las Vegas now?


Oh, I just checked and the Colorado Rockies are the New Jersey Devil today. Whatever.


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