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Shopping: Have The Bootleggers at the CD Section at the mall been totally exposed?

**New Feature**

I have added a new feature to this blog, from now on I will be stating my "first glance" opinion on some topics without researching the topic first. 

I will be saying stuff from now on like "At first glance" and "It looks like" , then I will give my opinion on topics without knowing anything about it, then later I will make corrections (maybe) if necessary.


Collapse Parody Logo By Relapse Records
Have the CD bootleggers been exposed? No it's not Relapse Records, but I have included this as an example of what's going on right now in the heavy metal music business.

In case you missed it, Relapse Records several years ago when my last albums came out had my logo parodied on their web store for several years. So that is like a record deal but you don't get any money for it. I checked into it and apparently it's not illegal to make a parody of a logo. 

When I contacted Relapse Records several years ago they told me that they "were not interested in my band" while they had my logo parodied on their store's web page. 

Meaning that they what they meant was they were "not interested" in buying my albums wholesale from Forward Regression Records and wouldn't carry my albums as a third party in their store.

So although they parodied my logo and had it posted on their store's page for years they wouldn't carry my records in their catalog while they were using my logo design and told me directly that they "weren't interested" in my band.

I thought this was a little strange that they weren't interested in my band they claimed and I just assumed they were lying because they had my logo parodied and posted on the front page on their website for several years. 

Corrected Collapse Logo
The deal here is what they were really saying is that they were probably just like Great While North Records and wanted my albums for nothing because they wanted the money for it.

That's probably why they wouldn't stock it , that's because I was asking a wholesale price and they said they weren't interested in buying them wholesale.

They sure enjoyed using my logo though, besides Venom my band is the only other metal band parodied at Relapse, as far as I know, but mine was on the front page of their business.

Now I don't bother contacting these "businesses" and I will permanently never work with any of them going forward in music because they are too small and there is no money in it.

So Collapse will never appear at Relapse Records or any of their business partners permanently for the rest of history and I also pulled my first record off their distribution network with their business partners.

That's because they carried my first album in their network on The End Records when it was on Great White North Records from Quebec, but they wouldn't carry it from me when I started Forward Regression Records, the reissue of the same record.

That's because their music network wanted all the money for my album and wouldn't carry it wholesale from me. 

Then after those labels wouldn't work with my business, the original album got bootlegged and is for sale all over the place. 

So Relapse and them wouldn't carry the record wholesale, then it got bootlegged off the same network.

At one point in 2011 I was in touch with a distributor that had 2500 copies of the record they said, but they weren't printing it.

When the record was released in 2006 it was for 500 copies to start....then the label closed and apparently the album was mass produced or something and it's out as a regular album with Glen Danzig and Metallica Interview Discs.

Looking today at what people are selling on the internet bootlegs are being mass produced and are in the mall now and everything.

My first record, was apparently mass produced by bootleggers as an exact copy of the original album and came out in full production. However, there is no "label front" advertising them and it's sold under the counter one at a time being leaked so I can't do anything about it.

That's because it was listed in all the music catalogs and magazines probably before I pulled it when Great White North closed, to be correct it looks like it was always mass produced but our deal was only 500 Copies to start then they closed and it got bootlegged.

If they set up a label like Dissonance Productions which released the Venom box set "Assault" and was Vinyl lp copies transferred onto CD and sold through PHD Music and released at the mall then I would sue them.

So until someone does that to my record then I can't sue them because they have no store front and didn't put their logo on my record (yet). If they do that I am suing them.

By the way for that Venom lp copy box set they even made a UPC code for the back of the box and put it on a vinyl bootleg.

That's the same thing as going to the mall and buying a Blu Ray copy of the new Star Wars Movie and when you get it home it was a video camera copy of the movies on the disc from the theater. That's what they did to the Venom Album.

You don't need to understand heavy metal to follow this, it's just the example and could be any music category.

Not only that the Venom albums are still in print on BMG Music and are carried by Sony and Warner distribution. 

Now Dissonance Productions are releasing lp copies in a real package and the same albums  are on BMG in the same cd bin. 

So the bootleg Venom album or digipack probably is right next to the BMG version which is still in print. Now when you go to the mall anything could be a bootleg because BMG albums on Sony/Warner Distribution are right next to the Dissonance Records version on PHD Music and it's lp copies on disc in the same section.

Then here is the latest update. Great While Records closed and are apparently now PRC Music and that is carried on PHD Music.

I wasn't on PRC Music I was on Great White North Records where it went out in the magazines and stores and they closed and it got bootlegged. Today they are PRC music and list my record in their history and are carried on PHD Music which sells bootleg Venom albums which are lp records copied on to CD and sold in the store, right next to the official BMG versions.

The point here is my record is being bootlegs with Glen Danzig and the Misfits. That's because  Danzig was on The End Records and so was I. 

Now there is a Bootleg Glen Danzig record label out.

Danzig album on The End Records
So my album is getting bootlegged off The End Records with this Danzig album.

They are putting these albums out along with the Misifits on a bootleg Glen Danzig label.

The albums are the same as the Misfits or Glen Danzig except they are on an "unauthorized" record label right in the public.

This is the bootleg Glen Danzig Label:

They are the same albums as Danzig's and Misfits, except they are copies on a Bootleg label.

This Danzig album ( it looks like, Misfits for sure) and my album Collapse-Destroying by Design were both on The End Records and are both bootlegged only the Danzig one is a fake label and mine is a copy of the original.

For my record, I own all the rights to it by myself because I got it back from Great White North so that's pretty alright to own an album that is being bootlegged with Danzig and The Misfits.

Owning that album all by yourself is pretty alright, to have it being bootlegged with Glen Danzig / Misfits and not owning any one money for it.

Hopefully, it will be officially printed later this year but in the meantime I'll just enjoy it being bootlegged with Danzig and not owning anyone money for it because I own it alone all by myself.

This is an original Collapse ad from 2006 from when the record first went out to store and magazines before I pulled it.

Original Collapse Ad from 2006

Original Collapse Ad from 2006

Speaking of which apparently the bootleggers are coming from France, England and Quebec.

Dissonance Productions did the Venom lp copy in England on PHD Music, and now PHD also carries PRC which they are saying used to be Great white North.

So I went and dug some stuff up and this is what I found.

Just before Great White North Records closed in 2006 they added a "sub label" to to their label called "Custom Core Records" from France.

This is their ad from Great White North:

Great White North Cancelled album

This isn't listed on their history much on the internet but you can find it.

Low and behold, the sub label didn't close after and Great White North Closed and it remained in operation in France:

So at first Great White North Records had a Europe office in France that closed, then they started a sub label in France called Custom Core.

Then Custom Core kept going after Great White North closed.

Great White North Sublabel, stayed open in France until 2011
So the Great White North sub label Custom Core Records stayed in operation in France after Great White North Records Closed and stayed open until 2011.

Then Custom Core just like Great White North Records, started a new label as soon as they closed the old one.

Customcore: I get it you never stop bootlegging

The new label is called Never Dead Records.

Never Dead:

So what do you think Never Dead Records from France makes?

You guessed it....Bootlegs.

Never Dead is the old sub label from Great White North in France and they make bootlegs.

In fact they say on their page they they make DIY or "Do it yourself" homemade cassette tape copies of actual albums with a blank tape dub and a sticker on the cassette.

Never Dead Records: DIY Blizzard Beasts Tape

This is an example of what the Great White North Peoplefrom the sub label are releasing...home made copies of Immortal Blizzard Beasts.

AKA Unofficial albums or Bootlegs they are called.

Neverdead's Cassette Operation from their webpage
To the left is an image of Never Dead Records Operation (Great White North / Custom Core) in France taking form one of their webpages.

As you can see they are making yellow and red tape dubs with black stickers on the cassttes and are just copies of real albums.

The paper in the picture looks like cheap photo paper on a crappy printer.

So there you have it.

Great White North Records (Quebec) sub label Custom Core which kept going after they closed and is in France is now Never Dead records and openly makes bootlegs.

Then in England Dissonance Productions did the Venom lp rip copy disc (which is the same  as a video camera copy in a blu ray package) and they sell that on PHD Records.

Now PHD also carries PRC Music now from Quebec (which used to be Great White North / Custom Core)

So that is like Customcorec/Never Dead on PHD with bootlegs at the mall like Dissonance kind of.


Does that mean the bootleggers have been exposed?

In the meantime I'll be re assured knowing that I own my album (Collapse-Destroying By Design) 100% and owe no one any money for it and now it's being bootlegs with Danzig (from The End Records) and the Misfits in the Bootleg Glen Danzig Label.

Also it's out with thousands printed along with the Metallica Interview CD's.

Metallica Interview CD


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