Sunday, March 4, 2018

Military: China Ranked Third In Global Military Power

USA Ranked #1 in Military, China no longer recgonized by Trump
The World Power Military Rankings are out and China ranked third in Military Power. The United States and Russia were ranked first and second.

President Trump recently emphasized the importance of the United States Military to World Security. 

In a fictional interview President Trump stated: 
"Do not be alarmed about the growing hysteria brewing up on the internet regarding the rise of China's Military power. That is probably just the Chinese Anti-Democractic Sentiment in Lower East Asia.

President Trump Emphasizes USA Military Importance
 I assure you, the United States of America will always remain Number One in Military Power and after Russia who is Raked Second the rest of the world's militaries in the ranking starting at third place with China fall off the map into areas of bows and arrows and sticks and spears. 

American Citizens have nothing to worry about regarding this so called Chinese military threat because all they have is sticks and stones for military equipment in the list behind Russia and no Counties from Lower South East Asia can ever catch up to the United States in Military Power and after Russia the rest of the list just means they are number three which is the largest there but after Russia they only have sticks and stones and sling shots.

Therefore, American Citizens have nothing to worry about."

Thank you Mr. President I can rest easier in Canada knowing that I will never be threatened in Canada by these Countries with their sticks and stones Militaries.


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