Tuesday, April 21, 2020

CANADA: Prime Ministers Ignortant Statements On Mass Shooting Enrage Public

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau must be going in the Canadian History books as the most ignorant Canadian Prime Minister to ever live.

This is also during the lock down here....it is clear on Ottawa what their stance is on Halifax and Atlantic Canada, they hate us.

It's  clear in Ottawas statements and places like google who are also slandering Nova Scotia during the shooting and pandemic.

Google posted on their page that Nova Scotia is a "community" and the Prime Minister agrees in his speech making the most ignorant statements against Nova Scotia I have ever heard by any Prime Minister in history.

The Prime Minister thinks that everyone is Nova Scotia knows those people personally at the Denture Clinic, that's because they are saying that's how small Atlantic Canada is.


“The vast majority of Nova Scotians will have a direct link with one or more of the victims. The entire province and country is grieving right now as we come to grips with something that is unimaginable,” Trudeau said. 

You're an idiot.

No they don't, why would the Prime Minister think that all of Nova Scotia know those sixteen victims? 

That is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard in my life, they think that Atlantic Canada is so small that everyone has a direct link to those people....uh, no they don't.

Then they said they are running Ontario with the resources of Prince Edward Island.

Well Mr. Trudeau, then where is this small isolated land patch with no citizens you live on with your ignorant statements you're calling Canada because no one is seeing it with you.

I  got it though, you're in line with foreign business thou right? 

That's because they did the fake G20 deal with the Emergency Funding and then the Prime Minister backed Google's page calling us a "community" so small everyone has ties to the victims.

I'm not seeing this planet you're living on and describing there Ottawa.

It's clear Canada that Prime Minister Trudeau is not interested in regular issues like University work and employing educated Canadians and issuing updated government cheque funding.

Where is Trudeau during all this?

Out playing with his Google pages and his Bong and Cannabis Stores backing foreign businesses like Google here in Canada, saying we are small and no one lives here ninnying with  Google and at the G20 all playing with their stickers and bongs and stuff.

Uh, isn't that guy like 45? 

All that stuff he's saying is for like ten years old with their cool stickers and stuff, it'd be nice if we had a Prime Minister who knew what the University and stuff was instead of being out playing with his smartphone and facebook everyday, pleasing google and bong stores at some kind of Cheech & Chong run Parliament in Ottawa.


Oh right, and the queen sends her messages to us by Twitter. I don't care if it's her birthday, that's pathetic.

No one cares about anything you people are talking about. Twitter, bong stores...all of it.

Everyone else like here in Atlantic Canada just wants the Library and stuff, work for University Graduates and Educated Canadians and to be able to eat from the Canada Food Guide but no one has any money.

I mean all the farms & fisheries here in Atlantic Canada and they won't even give us enough money to eat there and have our daily food guide intake.

Then the Nova Scotia teachers don't even want to work or teach the kids and hate Christmas concerts, move to Ontario and smoke bongs with the Prime Minister then.

Around here we're gonna be back in one room school houses soon so the kids can get a decent education is what I'm seeing, everyone will be home schooled and then study and one of the parents houses out back in a one room school house so we can get some peace and quiet from google and all these "bong stores" whatever that is.

That is the political system of no one, and it all take place at the bong store with Cheech & Chong stickers and shit.



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