Thursday, April 23, 2020

CANADA: COVID Statistics

Canada is supposed to be upping COVID testing from 20,000 to 60,000 tests per day.

They are saying this will allow restrictions to be eased back on the public because more testing will allow people to be treated faster with less deaths.

However....this will NOT stop the spread of the virus.

In fact this will INCREASE the spread of the virus by reducing restrictions.

Again, Canada's Government in Ottawa is asking you to allow the spread of the virus and risk getting sick to force Canadians back to work so that companies can still make money off the citizens during the pandemic while offering no financial relief to Canada's citizens.

On top of that during the pandemic they want you to spend your regular money on business products they are offering through the companies they are backing.

What they mean is they are saying you are at a less risk of dying by going back to work because they have more testing, meaning they want the public to get sick saying they can treat it faster.

Then they want you to spend your money on the businesses they are backing.

This policy will increase the spread of the virus, then they say faster testing. 

However they are also saying they have low medical supplies. 

Canada's policies will increase the spread of the virus and then dwindle medical supplies, then you will have to wait for treatment and more people will die. 

The virus is mainly targeting nursing homes and long term care facilities. 

Canada wants you to let this people continue to get sick and die so they can operate businesses from Ottawa with public funding from Canadian tax payers while offering no breaks to citizens to allow them to stay home and no financial support for Canadians during the pandemic.

People living next to the care facilities are at the highest risk, like in the North End of Halifax, because nurses and staff are using essential services in the area.

So the public is sharing the public services like grocery stores with staff from nursing homes, which is not a high risk because regular people are less susceptible to the virus, that's what community transmission is.

A nurse who works in a long term care facility, something like people who are autistic or the elderly, brings the virus into the community by grocery shopping for example then people in the surrounding neighbourhoods catch the virus at the stores.

That's their neighbors or store staff, that's where the outbreaks at stores are coming from but this is a low risk.

A minimum income for everyone in Canada of $2000 a month, regular wages or cheques plus a $1200 per month Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque, will provide Canadians with the money they need for basic health and nutrition requirements and allow them to be more prepared to reduce the risk of contracting the virus.

For example in an area like the North End of Halifax which is run down and has a lot of poor housing which should be demolished is at a larger risk of contracting the virus because of the poor neighborhood conditions and unsanitary store fronts.  

Places like soup kitchens in poor neighborhoods are at a high risk because of the staffs government interaction with places like nursing homes and care facilities.

This money, $2000 a month minimum for everyone in Canada, will allow Canadians especially those in poor areas with less resources will allow them to buy more food and cleaning supplies so that they can stock up their kitchens and allow them to stay home longer.

That money will allow poorer people to get larger grocery orders from the store so that they can stay home and continue to self isolate. 

This is the main scenario for community transmission and has not be covered by Canada's government.

They are only covering large business and people who work and own houses so they can pay their mortgage payments and keep their employer open during the pandemic.

Then they want you, the public, to risk working and spend your money on their products so they can continue to earn money off your low income without offering any financial support which is bleeding Canadians of thier money for Ottawa and large government backed businesses.

Remember, Canada's government is only backing businesses not Canadian citizens.

It is best if you do not but anything except essential services and not give companies any of your money for luxury items, many people will also boycott brand names and large companies.

Save your money and use it for stuff you need like food and cleaning supplies. 

Many people will also want gas, cigarettes, liquor and cannabis which is part of your grocery budget.

What you need right now is to stay home and save your money, then stock up on essential items. Like maybe only take one trip to the store per month or twice for stuff like meat and perishable items.

This will reduce the risk of catching community transmission. 

The faster testing does not open Canada faster, if anything we need a stricter lock down.

Faster testing should only be applied to people like nurses in hospitals and care facilities and essential service workers so they can be treated faster if they catch the virus.

The rest of us should leave those resources for them and stand at the back of the line for testing because we are at less risk.

Then the $2000 a month will allow us to stock up and stay home longer so we can be safe.

There should be no Canadian causalities of the virus to allow business to make money, they should be arrested for murder by forcing you to work so someone else can make money.

Those are not legal practices in Canada they are saying on the news and there is no relief package that has done anything yet for Canadians.

According to statistics, Quebec (20,000 cases) probably in the Montreal area is the most affected. Places like Alberta are barely affected (3,000) cases.

Ontario is the largest populated area in Canada and has 12,000 cases. All their statistic are always reported last and no one believes this number.

I would recommend not going back to work or giving these businesses any money, then tell the government you need stricter public health conditions and more money at home.

Hopefully, this will help Canadians get up to the $2000 minimum monthly income that everyone here needs without the virus, now it is even worse because we have no money stock up and stay home.

They said there are no product shortages, however shelves may be empty because of slow store stock replacement from factories etc. 

Stay smart and stay safe.


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