Thursday, April 23, 2020

How Much Would A $50 Pizza Be On The New Adjusted Budget To Your Wallet?

This is a good question, after the issuance of the new Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque ($2000 a month min income)  something like a Dominos  Pizza that cost $50 today that I am told would feel like $22 out of your new budget, like the sale pizzas are like $7 or $10.

Dominos a pretty basic Pizza Restaurant with a well known name an extra large works pizza at $50 today with your current budget would feel like $22 dollars out of your new budget.

I can't confirm that personally but that's what I am told, you would have a little more than twice as much money or something so $50 would feel like $22 on your new budget.

Not to mention something else from the previous post, University Students parents and the students may also have money saved in the bank and they are getting $1750 on disability, with savings in the bank.

Most people on basic assistance and disability don't have much or any savings so it looks like a good scenario for people on cheques to get $1750 for disability for the emergency funding.

Like they have no loans, savings or parents with money, speaking in general terms.

So if they give it to the more well off people like University Students who have parents who work and potentially have savings then they will have to give it cheque reciepents as well.


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