Monday, April 20, 2020

Nova Scotia: Mass Shooting Should Extend Government Lockdown & Create Tougher Drug Laws

Commentary:  Tougher laws needed in Halifax to stop Portland Street Drug Gangs and Murderers.

Hopefully this mass shooting, one of the worst in Canadian History, will lead to tougher laws against cannabis dispensaries and bong stores.

Portland Street is the most pathetic street to ever exist man, it has to be. 

I mean what's all down there drug fronts or what?

Cannabis dispensaries and bong stores, I hate everyone of them. Why do you people think you are so cool anyway? 

Whatever losers. 

Every time something like this happens when they get caught it's coming from cannabis dispensaries and bong stores and stuff.

Here's what I'm telling you the problem is.

Businesses like Five Star Bailiff and Sketchy Cannabis Stores are illegal. I don't know or care how they got a permit, they are illegal and the public is not going to allow them.

I just said on here that I was down there and they had the Five Star Bailiff car parked in at the warehouses on Mount Hope Avenue and they are fake cars, any business offering their supposed services is illegal.

Then the buddy in the same area at the Denture Clinic comes out in a fake police car and kills so far they are saying 19 people in a mass shooting.

Thanks for the tip I know what is up there in them warehouses..cocaine and heroin.

Like the bailiff car right...they can just run down the two kilos of cocaine and heroin from the warehouse district using the car to shuffle drug bags around the city like to the Portland Street 420 store saying they are there delivering rent notices.

At least that's what it looks like anyway.

Then the denture clinic owner must have got wind they that they were cutting him out or something up in the warehouse district and went on a killing spree or something.

In the news they said it was Debert, NS...all that place is known for is yet again....Sobeys Warehouse, then every time it's always the same places and people.

Then the guy killed correctional guards...well that's getting awfully close to the so called "bailiffs" in town isn't it. 

I'm not saying the victims were cocaine and heroin dealers like at Rad 420 but it's awful suspect.

The problem on Portland Street is like this....Sobeys just had a chemical attack or something, then Rad 420 got busted with two kilos of cocaine then they have these fake sheriffs driving around all in the same area...I mean what's in the fake sheriff's car, cocaine and heroin or what?

Remember, Five Star Bailiff  is run by MMA fighters who are linked to MMA murderer and drug mule Steve Skinner in a cocaine ring in the MMA, that's what Rad 420 got busted with.

I mean god man....everyone hates you people so bad you're not even real.

That just seems like an awful lot of drama going on down there on Portland Street doesn't it?

I mean it's not even a bad area. 

The problem is between the Pizza Girls restaurant, the Recycling depot area down to the main stores on Portland by Rad 420....that is all right beside the Community Services welfare office area, park, ferry terminal and public library.

I mean could you be any more in public with your drugs and illegal activities, you even got it painted on your cars and everything.

I mean you go down to the Cannabis Store the real one and get some weed or something then what?

You go to the bong store and then it's  "raaaaaaad 420", then the girls and people in there think they're all better than you acting right cool and important, then they are all cocaine dealers and try following you home, then you start getting fake rental hearing notices from Five Star Bailiff through Access Nova Scotia on Baker Drive.

A little too comfortable down there on Portland Street aren't ya in your public drug ring through the MMA and them, bong stores and stuff.

Yeah, anyway I don't think bother me with that man and I'm going to go down there and turn you in to your face for selling cocaine and heroin  then trying to annoy me outside or try and come to my house with those shitty bands in the North End Halifax.

Well that's their game isn't it? 

They're all commiting crimes in public, come here and bother me or outside I'm ratting you out to the cops right to your face.

For're all selling drugs out of fronts on Portland Street...two of them just went nuts. Then if it's not that it's cannabis dispensaries or bong stores.

As a local citizen you can't help but to hate all their guts, don't share you time with them by shopping at private bongs stores...make them know they are not wanted in regular society with a public boycott to their faces, places like Five Star Bailiff, sketchy cannabis dispensaries and bong stores....all their customers are probably just cocaine and heroin addicts anyway down there for that....not lighters and bongs.


The Solution:

Here are my recommendations for a public solution...extend public lock down and make people clean their store fronts in these areas and bring their properties up to standard codes and get rid of all the dirt and stuff off their properties...seeing a health inspector down there at those shitty restaurants would be nice.  

Since all cannabis products have been legalized in Canada we need a zero tolerance policy for all other illegal narcotics in Canada. 

- We will start with any possession is automatic jail time in a zero tolerance policy then increase sentencing from there.

This will deter criminals like the girls who ran Rad 420 because the penalty is too severe.

- No clean needles for heroin addicts. 

Syringes should be for diabetics and stuff only, having syringes should be made illegal without a permit.  

The heroin addicts will only be able to use dirty needles they found in the garbage where they live, then when they all fear getting sick and dying the problem will be solved on it's own.

-No Private Cannabis in Ontario for example, all cannabis stores are front's for heroin and cocaine rings, where do you think they are getting money from to run the stores.

All Cannabis needs to be run and sold through the government only like the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission where I live.

Then all cannabis profits will go to the government with no private third party.

It is too much of a risk to let the public sell cannabis because their stores are being run as fronts for cocaine and heroin rings and that is their business money....then people there will follow you home and assault you smoking and selling weed all day while they sell heroin and cocaine, disgusting.

You people have it too easy, all of your activities and hobbies like hanging around the private cannabis stores and bong stores smoking weed and selling heroin all day will be banned in this Country.

All you criminals will find out that you will NOT be coming to citizens houses from your drug fronts and getting things from them while you harass them, like with what happened to me from the same neighborhoods when I was assaulted by these losers years ago at my house.

Finally and this is a big one.

-Bong Stores Will Be Made Illegal

All cannabis products will be make for government sale only and then all private bong and "weed merchandise" stores will be made illegal.

Then Canada's Government will sell all cannabis smoking products in their stores only like the Nova  Scotia Liquor Commission. 

This will create a government monopoly in Canada on bongs and cannabis pipes, papers etc, and will only be sold by the government. 

Private sale of bongs and stuff will be banned on the internet in Canada except for government sales only.

This will create a large financial surplus for the Canadian Government which will be given back to citizens under programs like the Canada Emergency Benefits Cheque. 

When that is done this will remove in Canada the "hang outs" of drug people, like bong stores and sketchy cannabis dispensaries.

When the government monopolizes all cannabis and all cannabis paraphernalia this will close all businesses like Rad 420 on Portland Street and help reduce violent crime in Canada by removing the drug gangs hangouts.

This is my advice.


Private bong stores are NOT SAFE in this Country.

Only buy your cannabis supplies from a government seller like the Nova Scotia Liqour Commission like we have here.

Those places are known heroin and cocaine dealers, they will start mocking you and calling you down, then they try and act tough to you and then follow you home...they are drug ring people.

A regular person in Canada like a University Student who buys Cannabis should NOT be subjected to cocaine and heroin rings when buying cannabis smoking materials.

The student is better off than these people and having bong stores and non government run cannabis stores is only feeding drug rings victims in this Country.

It's great that you can get cannabis in Canada when you are a regular citizen, but it is not great to have to buy smoking supplies from heroin and cocaine rings at stores like Rad 420.

Personally I hate everyone one of them, never even think you can look at me in real life.

Hopefully the government will issue a zero tolerance policy with automatic jail time on non cannabis drugs in Canada in a short time frame then close all these perverts.

Then when the government monopolizes all bongs and accessories for their stores only the regular citizens can get the money back on rebate cheques from the government instead of leaving the profits in the hands of heroin and cocaine rings in Canada that follow you home from the bong store high on heroin, meth and cocaine and then try and bleed money and possessions from you similar to what happened in my court case.

Then when all of you people are gone in this Country the rest of us will be happy and have more extra money when it get's removed from their pockets.


Like this, people say what would a zero tolerance sentence be?

I would say for cocaine for example...possession of any cocaine or unregistered syringes would be an automatic one year jail sentence.

That's because of the crime around the bong and cannabis store stuff with drug rings and because of how terrible they threaten you in public when they are looking for money trying to bum off you and they never stop mouthing off about you, that will be an initial incentive for them to start regulating their behavioral problems while using illegal drugs.


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