Sunday, April 19, 2020

Nova Scotia: Gunman Goes Shooting Spree During Covid Lockdown

See everyone...

A guy dressed up as the RCMP and had a fake cop car or something and went on a killing spree here in Nova Scotia.

He was shot and killed by Police at the famous Irving Big Stop by the Halifax International Airport in Enfield. 

Then what...

I got a fake eviction hearing notice / summons and they are in court because of these same issues. You don't know who you could be dealing with at the door.

Then that was run by MMA people, and one of them is in jail for murder in Halifax.

Then the Rad 4:20 store got busted with 2 kilograms of cocaine.

For all you know people issuing those summons could be the same thing, fake police and cocaine dealers so you can never take a chance.

You have to sue every time to make sure these people stop coming back.


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