Monday, April 20, 2020

Trudeau Addresses Canadians On Nova Scotia Situation

Who cares what Ottawa says, no one wants them anyway. Besides all that, don't even worry about it go back to the slums with your hobos. You have no support from anyone that I would ever know, fake Parliament.

What I mean is Nova Scotia and all Atlantic Provinces need their own one cares what Ottawa is saying. Here in Atlantic Canada we need minimum $1200 monthly rebate cheques going forward.

Just give us our money back, no one needs you anyway.

Halifax needs to step in and pass out own rebate checks for Nova Scotia and the rest of Atlantic Canada....Quebec and Ontario can figure out their own problems.

Here in Nova Scotia we don't need their issues they have in Upper and Western Canada, we have our own problems. No one wants private anything, we want the regular government services issued back to us the citizens and then we can solve our own issues, $1200 a month here plus along with our regular money will get everyone up to a minimum of $2000 per month.

After that, we can start to recover and then work on solving our own problems that have nothing to do with Ottawa, all they have is hobos and fake government contracts.

Here in Atlantic Canada we want our regular services back, like no private government contracts and a $1200 a month supplement so we can start fixing our own issues since Ottawa has no solutions for the public here.


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