Sunday, April 19, 2020

The Beginnings Of Witchcraft

I posted this video below, just a few notes from my desk on the topic.

The origins of North American Witchcraft are in the United States Thirteen Colonies at the height they had the Salem Witch Trials, which they held for years until later forming a new government.

This is just an overall description with no specific details.

The differences between Witchcraft and Satanism are clearly illustrated in this example...Witchcraft offers a group involvement with sexual benefits and "potions".

Satanism offers strength through worshiping a deity, Lucifer, to make yourself individually strong.

In the Thirteen American Colonies children who practiced witchcraft were hung.

Examples of this was a child caught pretending to be possessed to get their parents in trouble was a death sentence for the child.

When they say witchcraft they mean a group organization of witches practicing their belief.

The belief was the women were given "potions" which today would probably be drugs like lsd and peyote. 

Something that would create a sexual effect they are saying for the witch.

So it was an organized group...they also said during the trials that witches spoke Gaelic, then they could not pronounce certain english words.

Then at their trials they were making them say words in English to see if they could not say it because they were Gaelic.

That's because everyone who was convicted of witchcraft was speaking the same dialect, Gaelic, then the judge would make them say English words to see if they were the same group they already knew about.

What they mean is witchcraft involved making potions, that means drugs.

They say in the video that it was roots used to produce LSD that caused the child's hallucination , but then rule it our saying their was no deaths .

That can be easily ruled out though if the witches were practicing medicine and knew the proper doses for hallucinations.

Then the witches could have drugged the children with LSD and then dressed up as witches to scare them

They knew that everyone doing that in the same group all only spoke Gaelic they are saying so they tested to see if it was the same group by making them pronounce words in English. If they couldn't they were labeled as the witchcraft people.

Other examples of witchcraft in the story are the the towns people were catching the witches by using witchcraft which was against the courts religious beliefs, but apparently they accepted the evidence.

The example of witchcraft is mixing a that case the citizens would bake urine in a cake and then feed it to the dog.

They would then train the dog to follow the smell of cake baked with urine in it in the community.

When the dog found the smell of the cake baked with urine at someone's house they are saying that is for sexual gratificaton.

Then they learned that people who had the urine baked cake were also the ones with drugs like lsd they are saying and practicing witchcraft by doing things like drugging and scaring children.


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