Thursday, April 23, 2020

Trudeau Says Universial Basic Assistance Coverage Not As Simple As It Sounds

Fifty Senators have called for Universal Basic Coverage, that's like $2000 a month, Trudeau says that's not as simple as it sounds, well...for one we're using the real government functions not Prince Edward Islands for all of Canada.

The Huffington Post says that Trudeau's comments are a "defeat" of sorts for the Senators calling for that, I mean one side comment by a Prime Minister does not cancel and entire public movement and the opinion of fifty senators.

So I'm not getting your point Huffington Post.


"The idea of a basic or minimum income has been around for more than 500 years since Renaissance philosopher Thomas More wrote about the concept in his book Utopia."

So what, no one's saying it's a new idea like this illerate news article.

We already have that under the welfare program, what we're saying is that the money isn't high enough.

Besides that, no one said it was simple we said that's what we're doing.

University Students to get  $1200 - $1700 payment.

$1200 for normal and $1700 for disabled.

"Post-secondary students who are currently in school, are planning to start school in September 2020, or have graduated from school since December 2019 will be eligible for the $1,250/month CESB payment."

So where's the rest of the money at? Like for normal disability and regular welfare and old age pension?

They didn't get any emergency benefits all they got was an extra gst rebate.

If Canada's government refuses to provide support for all Canadians and then tries to force us all back to normal without resolving the issues saying later that we don't need it because they wouldn't send out money during the crisis then they are going to get arrested.

Why wouldn't Canada's government send out the emergency money from Ottawa and then provide it to companies?

Obviously they are the ones stealing the tax money and jobs from Ottawa and won't approve the citizen's right to our faces. Then they are taking all the money for themselves and won't issue us anything like Justin Trudeau and Raytheon.


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