Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Man Unconstitutionally charged in Newfoundland after yelling FHRITP at a NTV Television News Reporter or "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY".

Apparently the term FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY goes along with the popular term YOLO meaning "You Only Live Once" according to the Urban Dictionary.

For example you say  "YOLO, FHRITP." Which means, "You only live once, fuck her right in the pussy."

The guy was charged with Sexual Harassment which is Unconstitutional. Yelling at someone outside is NOT ILLEGAL. 

It is up to the other person to yell back and tell them off. This is the gay argument that people aren't allowed yelling profanities at each other in public. 

Harassment would have been if he was following her around all the time yelling and stuff. They said he drove by and yelled Fuck her right in the pussy when she was doing a news broadcast which is NOT illegal.

However, pressing charges for yelling is illegal.

The news broadcaster Heather Gillis didn't like being yelled at in public and pressed charges. 

So they are saying yelling Fuck Her Right In The Pussy at Heather Gillis is Illegal when she is out filming the local news. Which it isn't.


HEATHER GILLIS: Illegal to yell "FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY" at her in Canada while she is outside in the Public.

This is quite the cause for NTV in Newfounland, Local Police and Heather Gillis to be taking up in Canada's courts.

The Law they are pushing for: NOT ALLOWED TO YELL AT NEWS REPORTERS.

This is totally illegal. This will probably go nowhere as you can't call the cops if people yell at you outside unless they are a stalker or something and it is ongoing.

The news story is titled "Man Charged After TV Reporter Hit With Sexist Slur"

Newsflash Television People...Sexist Slurs are not illegal. The same as racial slurs.

The actual story should have been "Man Illegal Charged for Yelling Sexist Slur".

Saying it is because she is a news reporter is worse because they mean she has special privileges like she is the Queen of England or something and you're forbidden from opening your mouth around her in public because she's right important and has a job on the news in Newfoundland.

According to her biography Heather Gillis graduated from Kings College at Dalhausie in Halifax in 2011 six years ago and took Political Science and Sociology in Newfoundland.

Now you can't yell at her outside or you'll get charged with harrassment because she's right big in Newfoundland.

Copied from Twitter:

"A man in this truck just yelled FHITP at me while during an interview at the landfill. Publicly shaming you."

So after Fuck Her Right in the Pussy was yelled at Heather Gillis from Kings at Dal she said she was publically shamed and the Police pressed charges.

Yeah right, that's going to get far in the courts.

Now all her people are on Twitter saying how great for her it is that that did that all Tweeting about it because she should have special rights cause she went to Kings at Dal and is on NTV.


Now the Newfoundland Police are on Twitter posting with her looking for attention saying that disrespecting people is illegal.

The whole story is not even believable and they must be the gayest cop calling people to ever exist.

All of NTV in Newfoundland can FHRIPT  in my opinion. They will probably all be arrested up there anyway for breaking the constitution and covering it on the news to pass some illegal law anyway.


The Police's charges they are saying are based on:


Under the public disturbance laws.

The example they use is loitering....the whole argument falls apart because they issued NO WARNING according to the story and pressed charges.

This is the being drunk in public law.

They can't issue charges like with loitering THEY HAVE TO BE WARNED FIRST FOR YELLING.

NO other details were given but Police are not allowed to press charges for yelling, the maximum they can do is ASK you to stop.

If you continue it could be harassment. The police will probably all be fired for filing false charges.

Anyway, Heather shouldn't mind people talking about the story because she's on there all day talking about everyone else's business on the television.


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