Monday, November 26, 2018

The Mystery Girl

I was reading the news the other morning and I noticed it was a crazy Black Friday locally with car accidents, assaults, a murder and a taxi ran over two people in a cross walk, I'm not sure if there was a bank robbery or not, I was watching the show Prison Break so maybe that's what I was thinking of. 

I saw on the news that the name of the Halifax CFL team is The Atlantic Schooners which was the original name of the team they wanted years ago which is what the voters picked. I saw the jersey and the logo looks super nice.

What I saw on the United States news I found extremely surprising and thought to myself "Is Donald Trump going after talk show host Alex Jones from the 9/11 Truth Movement?". Surprised at the headlines I continued reading, Alex Jones is a large conspiracy talk show host that I used to follow everyday back in the original days of the 9/11 Truth movement  and well it was good for a while but after the demise of the "North American Union" group the show kind of fell off the old topics and I lost interest. 

Alex Jones is an anti-corporate conspiracy talk show host and hypocritically owns his own LLC and make like 11 Million Dollars a year now and an LLC is a corporation if you didn't know that. His income was revealed in a recent defamation law suit and to my surprise he is also now facing a second lawsuit. 

Corporate mogul Donald Trump seems to have it in for anti-corporate conspiracy host Alex Jones, since talking office Alex Jones has been banned from iTunes, YouTube and Facebook for "hate speech" which actually means lies and defamation. I'm assuming that Donald Trump is doing this because Alex Jones is a large anti-corporate enemy of Trump.

What happened is an Alex Jones collaborator Jerome Corsi was just indicted by the Trump Administration by special prosecutor Robert Mueller for perjury and Jerome Corsi has just refused Mueller's plea deal.

Corsi is also a conspiracy theorist and I believe has is own show or something and is a frequent guest on the Alex Jones show. Apparently Corsi is the person who started the story that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. 

Now here is the huge bombshell, it looks to me that Robert Mueller is investigating Corsi in the Wikileaks case and that information received by Alex Jones for his Radio Talk show may have been secretly leaked from the United States Government by internal sources.

Meaning that Alex Jones radio show content and 9/11 Truth Movement content may have come from places like WikiLeaks and his show contained classified information about the United States Government.

Jerome Corsi an associate of Alex Jones and backer of his show has connections to Donald Trump aid Roger Stone, now Corsi has been indicted by Donald Trump's Mueller probe for lying to investigators in Government information leaks from Washington D.C. 

What that means is Jerome Corsi leaked information from Washington D.C. which was the source of the content for the Alex Jones radio show, then Corsi lied to Robert Mueller's investigation and now has been indicted for perjury and is apparently heading to prison. Corsi said he was going to accept the plea deal but today on the news says he refused the deal. 

My question is will Donald Trump have Alex Jones indicted in the Mueller probe for covering information leaks from Washington D.C.? 

I mean that is his show content, if Mueller probes Alex Jones about the sources of his information that was leaked from Washington D.C. about topics such as President Obama and the 9/11 attack Jones could be facing similar charges if not cooperative with the Mueller investigation. 

What I found great about all this is that the 9/11 Attack information looks like it was leaked from Washington D.C. to the Alex Jones radio show giving the story credibility about an "inside job" on the 9/11 attacks. Now it looks like people who leaked the information about the 9/11 attacks in New York City may be facing indictment from Donald Trump under his presidential administration.    

What I am saying is when Donald Trump has the people indicted for leaking information about the 9/11 attacks during the Robert Mueller probe it only helps to prove the attacks were part of an inside job because they are indicting people in the truth movement for leaking information from Washington D.C. on topics like 9/11 like Jerome Corsi.   

My head spinning by these revelations from President Donald Trump I decided to go for a walk and get some air. 

It was dark out just after supper in Halifax and I was walking down near the new canal where I noticed a small hatchback automobile, I thought to myself that it reminded me of some things that I was just recently thinking about. 

I thought what if this girl comes back looking for money and stuff and a long time ago I did promise to buy her a Corvette, I thought it would be a lot nicer for her to have then some hatchback, but that was long time ago and she didn't want the new car. You don't find roses growing on stalks of clover. 

I mean when I did know her she took all kinds of stuff from me when no one was around and I did all kinds of stuff for her in secret but she didn't want the Corvette I said I wanted to buy her. Well, it's not like we were in an actual relationship though, it was more like a couple kids going out and pretending they weren't, kind of like a girlfriend that you don't kiss or anything but you are together all the time.

Then I gave her a bunch of stuff and helped her out all the time, but she didn't want me to give her a new car. In a way I was just doing that little kid going out thing with her on purpose just be around her and it went on for a long time and I thought it was intense. Then I made her all these promises in secret about my money and stuff and promised her all these things for when I was well off with money. 

I'm sure that's where some of these girls come from that people don't know about when something happens and they try and come in and claim your money like a secret wife or something that no one knew about.  

I don't understand though why she wouldn't take stuff like the new car after I promised her all this money and stuff, but she was fine to take stuff from me when no one was there but not a new Corvette. 

I thought she might want to go for a walk with me in the park and see the Christmas lights but she said she didn't like to do stuff like that, which I thought was probably not true. I just assumed she was down there with other people and not telling them about me when I wasn't around.  

This went on for a long time with us and I didn't know that I was some kind of secret, meaning that when she wasn't around she was pretending to be someone else and not telling them who she was when she was with me alone, like when I promised her money and stuff from my books, music and work. 

I finally said to her in front of everyone "hey why don't you get the broom because I'm going to sweep you off your feet" but she pretended she didn't know what I was talking about, I said to her you know like when we're alone together like you said when I was giving you all that stuff. 

She said in front of the other people that she didn't know what I was talking about and pretended to be someone else when I wasn't there, maybe I shouldn't have said that to her in front of them. When she was with me she was her regular self and we had all kinds of fun together, but when she wasn't she just pretended to be some kind of regular person like a wife or something and she said she didn't go running around all over the place with someone like me buying Corvettes and stuff and had a regular life at home without me. 

Of course I new she was lying about who she was and that she was her real self when we were alone and I helped her out for a long time in secret when we pretended we weren't together. Then I was just thinking about all that when I was by myself and saw things that reminded me of her in the park far away from where she might be at, I thought if she did come back that I would probably owe her a lot of money from the promises that I made to her when we were alone.  

These days I'm not sure what to think about all that, maybe I'll write a book and confess my love for her in it. 


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