Thursday, November 22, 2018

My Soulful Journey

The Atlantic Storm CFL
My soulful journey, yeah right why do people say that stuff. I don't need to be on a journey right now I'm too busy doing music and books.

I got up today and read the news and to my outrage the new Halifax CFL Team names contest is down to the Atlantic Schooners and the Atlantic Storm...the storm? No one is going to be scared of that, they need something to scare people like The Atlantic Red Coats, although I was happy they mentioned the possible name The Atlantic Admirals which is pretty good. 

They are still taking entrants for the name the team contest though so there is still some hope for the team name, really though I don't care what it is I'm getting ready to buy the whole fanboy package and I'll be down there yelling at the Argonauts when they finally show up.

There is no way Toronto or anyone will ever beat Halifax in a football game come on, I'm sure we will win the Championship in two minutes and I'll be down there to help make sure that happens. There is a great clip on TSN today of Halifax and the new stadium site but you can't see my apartment in it, I live up the hill. 

I was happy to see on TSN the conference was at St.Mary's University and I am a fan of their Football team The Huskies, although my actual University team is the St. Francis Xavier X-Men where I went to school and is like the top University in Canada. 

Come off it, they are looking for season ticket holders and wondering if fans will be interested and looking for about 15,000 fans or something in a 24,000 seat arena...are you joking TSN? There's 400,000 CFL Football fans living right next to the new stadium site, plus I'm going to be down there.

They are taking $50 deposits for season ticket holders and looking for fans, the Halifax CFL Home Team Season is only ten games, come on every one will be there. I might have to get season tickets just to go to the opening inaugural opening game. I know that place will be packed, they better not get some stupid team like the Calgary Stampeders for their opener with their cowboy stuff, everyone knows Halifax will smoke Calgary in one second plus Atlantic Canada has real cowboy stuff not like that mock up they have out west in Alberta. 

The real issue is how many championships will Halifax win in the CFL because everyone knows that Halifax has the best fans in Canada and no one can beat us, especially at football. 

Other than that this week has been super frustrating I did a bunch of drum track editing for like ten songs and then song eleven is taking me longer, I hate that. When you're recording and editing a bunch of songs I hate when like track eleven takes longer, that frustrating to get stuck like that and it feels like you've never achieved anything. I'm sure all kinds of people have to deal with that issue. 

I'm also trying to get my albums pressed, but I finally decided on a distribution option but I'm keeping is basic for now for some of it and I'll do that later. First I have to finish all those album booklet layouts because it's going to be full length albums and singles.

Now I have to do like five new album covers, two for my new record and ep and then I might need like three album covers for singles I am putting out, did the work ever pile up on me. Then I might go back and repackage my single "I Don't Care What You Say" and then issue it with a bonus track and artwork. 

So that came up, then I have to do my new album and ep and I was planning to release two or three singles from that with bonus tracks on them not on the other albums. Of course I will be printing them all on compact disc and distributing them but the Digital Album is the main release. 

That would be six new album covers just for my next two releases, but I have plenty of artwork options in the works. 

What I have decided I may have to do is just settle for now for a temporary distribution option just to get them all printed which means they be on CD on Amazon and Discogs etc. but they will not be widely distributed. 

Then I have another album and singles, plus a compilation album to finish last. The point to that is when I do an album now is I'm releasing cd singles like I'm Lady Gaga with bonus tracks on them from songs not on my record, that is a good way to get your music out because people might just want to buy one song on a cd to check out your band. 

The problem is though I have to break my release format to distribute my albums, meaning now I have to put a bar code on the package and before I wasn't to please distributors. Whatever. Now I have to switch my albums over to the barcode format to sell them and all that. So I'm just going with a smaller temporary option to get my albums released for now after I redo the artwork and stuff.

The albums will stull be free downloads on my page though after I add the barcode to the cd version.

After that is done this is what I have decided to do but it totally breaks my format. I have decided to put my other albums out and singles that I previously mentioned free on my page, then I have to switch to the barcode for a temporary option just to get them released...that's for my four older albums and new album, ep and probably three cd singles and ..then the reworking of my digital single I don't care what you say.  That's just for my current stuff. After that I still have another cd and compilation plus singles for that later....what next year maybe?

Between all that and I don't know when I have decided that I might do a regular release and do a larger distribution option and that one I have to charge for the digital download and stuff and it breaks my format. 

So after this batch of records, an album, ep and four singles with non album bonus tracks out soon...I have decided to release a cd single of an official cover song. Meaning I'm going to do the rest of my stuff smaller and then I'm throwing my efforts into releasing an official cover song as a single with a bonus track that will be out on all the iTunes services and Spotify and tons of distributors.

I decided the best way to promote myself right now is to release a cover song and put it out on all the distributors and services like iTunes etc. That means it has to have a barcode, be registered etc and I have to pay royalties to the original artist. I wanted to do a full cover songs ep but it's a little expensive. 

So I am probably releasing a CD Single as a cover song with a bonus track that will be all over Amazon, Spotify, iTunes etc. plus it will be on internet radio on Death Metal stations, somewhat. So that will be all over everything, then people will see the cover song and then become more familiar with my band and hear me on the radio under a larger distribution thing I am doing. 

The other albums will be released smaller, then I'm throwing a bunch of money into releasing a real release on all the services and it's all registered and stuff so I have to pay royalties so I can't offer a free download of that because it has to be sold on iTunes and stuff to track sales and pay royalties. Then when people look up the original song, they will see my version of the famous song and know who I am making me a famous star on the internet. Then they will all buy my new CD Single, of a famous cover song thus making a name for myself in music. 

The cover song single will be a regular release on all services hopefully and store distribution on my own label Forward Regression and separate from my free downloads because of royalties to the other artist.

So I'll have my regular free digital format then the Cover Song CD Single will be a regular release like for Spotify and iTunes and store distribution and internet radio. All that is a bit expensive to put out and stuff for radio play so I am just going to do one single and use a cover song to make a name for myself. Plus I have decided to expand into printed CD Singles and Digital Singles so fans can hear one song at a time to help promote the band and then for the extra album artwork and it would make good tshirt and sticker designs for later.

I haven't decided on what cover song I am going to release yet but I thought I'd do something huge like Metallica but I don't know what song, maybe something from And Justice For All but I don't know yet. 

That would give me a lot of attention on Spotify etc. Look for that maybe between my next two full length albums. 

Doing something like a Metallica song would look great on iTunes and Amazon etc as a real CD Single or something like Lady Gaga and give me lot's of attention etc. but really though I wanted to do a more classic metal song to please the underground heavy metal fans which is what I will probably do. 

Sticking with my hardcore heavy metal values I will probably release a CD Single of a more true to Death Metal band with a smaller name than Metallica to show how hardcore I am to true metal fans by releasing a less mainstream song that will get less attention from fans but please the die hard metal fanbase which is more important to me than money by showing them all how metal I am over wider exposure.

Then song that I have tentatively decided on is Venom - Black Metal, which has been done before but I am a better musician than all previous versions of covers and I know how to play the actual song in it's entirety, and stay true to it's original version. 

For me releasing a CD Single of the song "Black Metal" by Venom into all the stores as a full release for a CD Single with radio play etc. is something that real metal fans will see everywhere and they will all know that I am true Heavy Metal.

Then their will also be a bonus track on it. The CD Single for "Collapse - Black Metal" with bonus track will be out on all services as a regular release on my own label in stores hopefully between my next two full length releases, which I still plan to give away as free downloads on my webpage.

I can't offer free downloads of my version of Black Metal because I was told that Venom wanted the royalty money even if I give the song away for free so I have to track the digital downloads by selling them on iTunes and Amazon etc. to keep track of their royalty for the song. Then Metallica and everyone else is the same thing, maybe I'll do a Metallica song sometime later as a CD Single.

That's why a cover song has to be official, they have to track the downloads and it all has to be official even if it's a free download Venom wants to know how many I'm giving away and they want the money for it anyway even if it's given away. Which is fine so it has to be sold as an official album in stores.   

Keep checking back for more updates on my new albums and cd singles and new artworks which will include non-album bonus tracks only available as "b-side tracks" on CD Singles and Digital. 


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