Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Digital Music Format

The Digital Audio Format
Now I have been working on my new music for quite a while and this is what's holding me back in music, so I am making some changes to my band.

I wrote four hours of music, my new album and ep are almost finished. 

Now I can't release the music because of the music format.....Compact Disc. 

Everyone says cd's are dead and it's all digital now.

Now what, the compact disc format is preventing me from releasing my albums sooner. 

This is what I am doing now with my band. 

What is holding me back is the price of manufacturing compared to digital, meaning digital is free to release and cd's cost a lot if you do a bunch of them. 

Then compact disc's are SUPER BULKY with large boxes and huge shipping fee's.

In essence, Cd's are too bulky, slow to  distribute, huge shipping fees, and cost a lot if you make a bunch of different albums that you have to press all the time. Plus they only hold 80 minutes of music over probably unlimited digital albums on your computer, if you could even listen to all that.

Then it's also the CD Booklet is getting in my way , I do the album cover then it's a waste of time to do the booklet because it's just text mainly which you can post on your website.

So why bother making the cd and making the booklet, all you need is the music and the album art. 

Like this:

You do the music and cover and then release it on digital. 

You say in your bands official discography that the album is a digital release. 

Then you say the Digital Release is the OFFICIAL release format, and then the CD is the secondary format.

Then it will be instantly shared on file sharing programs after someone buys a copy and share it with their friends and stuff. 

Then, when you release your digital album the first customers to your band page will be underground "release groups" sharing it on the internet.

After they buy it they will "tag" it on file sharing and put their "handles" and stuff on it. Then their name is the first "web rip" or "digital rip" on the file sharing sites and everyone will see it. 

All kinds of people do that. 

Then release groups will share your album on the internet. 

I release mine for free on my web page.

Like this on your bands discography list:

Collapse-Destroying By Design - 2018-Digital Release

Collapse-Destroying By Design - 2018-CD

Collapse-Destroying By Design - 2018-LP

Then everyone will know that the digital release is the OFFICIAL version and first version on the internet, and be counted in your discography as an album.

Then I am putting the price of my printed CD albums which are now SECONDARY  up to $25 Canadian because they are too expensive to print, like the vinyl lp record which is $40, only hold 80 minutes, are too bulky and too expensive to ship in large numbers. 

I am going to put this on my band webpage later to adopt to this release format.  

I will be making all my albums available on CD, but they will be $25 each Canadian when they are printed. In the meantime dropping the CD format to finish my four hours of music to release on digital as the official versions is the best solution to release my new albums.

Then I will put the CDs as secondary and print them later at $25, I will try not to charge more than this but they are TOO EXPENSIVE to make over the digital format.

Then this will "free me up" to release more music and them I will be doing "Digital Singles" for the bands official discography.

Then I am going to go back and say the song "Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say" was a one song digital single released in 2016, then I am going to update it and say "recorded 2016" and then officially released as a one song digital single 2018 later when I update the format on my page. 

So my new stuff is still not quite done!!! 

In the meantime like this, I will just release a new two song digital single on my webpage and bandcamp and then make artwork for it and count it as an official release on the internet.

In my discography it says this:

Collapse - Destroying By Design - 2018 Digital Release
Collapse - Mechanisms Of Oppression - 2018 Digital Release 
Collapse - I Don't Care What You Say -Single - 2018 Digital Release

I am now saying that "I Don't Care What You Say" is a  stand alone digital single, then I am going to repackage it and add artwork to it and include it in the bands official discography.

Then the singles I make in the future will be a two song albums "on the internet" as an official format release with it's own album cover and will look just like a regular album release on file sharing programs. 

Then since I'm behind on my releases still, I can just do an album cover and a two song single and release it on the digital format. 

Later that can be printed or released on a compilation album or as an vinyl ep or something if you even care.   

Do you know how expensive that is to release a two song single on CD? It's a lot, but it's free on digital. 

Why would you pay all that money to press CDs when you can release them for free on a webpage as Digital Albums. 

Making Cd's cost like a million dollars compared to releasing them on a free format like digital. 

Then I will do the album cover, the music and then any booklet content will just be on the webpage.

All that paper is useless anyway and mostly a waste of time. Then I will just make a simple booklet for the cd version later and charge $25.

Record Companies should stop making cds right now, and then put the price of them up to like $25 Canadian and then put them with the lp. 

Then just switch to the digital release format, because compact discs are took bulky, the psychical compact disc is so bulky for one album it's an lp now. 

Your phone is smaller than a compact disc and holds unlimited music. 

Why would you even want cd's which are getting pretty stupid like the cassette tape did years ago unless you are music collector of Cd's then you'll pay $25 anyway. 

Who cares if the band doesn't make any money off the free Digital Format, everyone will still know who they are as a band, then they can just make money of shirts, stickers, buttons and playing concerts if they are any good. 

Then they can make collectables like cd's and lp's secondary for music collectors and then put the cd price up. 

Anyway, that's what I am doing and will be "reflected" on my bands webpage later at , where you can link to free DIGITAL RELEASES of our albums.

This will free me up to do DIGITAL SINGLES while I am working on my longer material , which will be a real release in my discography and be like 2 Songs with an album cover.

Song one is the single and song two is the "digital b-side" of the release single. 

I am saying two songs and an album cover which is my personal requirement to consider it as an official digital release. 

Then cd's will be secondary and $25 Canadian. 

Stop making cd's and then put the price up with the lp then adopt an "Official" Digital Release format, I am making my own digital release format, and then make money of stickers or something or t-shirts.

So you can look forward to my new digital singles coming out soon I hope, with it's own art work and digital b-side.

In short, I am making my official releases DIGITAL RELEASES and then making the Compact Disc "collectable only" and then charging $25 like the lp because they are too expensive over the digital release format.

Thank you.


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