Friday, November 10, 2023

RE: Technology Outage, Ongoing...

If you're around the "blogosphere" I recently noticed in my interest area on the internet there have been many changes mostly outages, in fact vacancy.

I mean...

They can't get the K's right on the internet on the products for example.

Like the USB stick used in television's / laptop projectors for example all models only work on 360p to 720p.

After that, at 1080p they offer multiple options for different player versions.

Then most televisions and projectors can't take the latest video format on the different versions of 1080p.

So...I get a USB stick and hook it up to my television or laptop projector THEN I had to download all the clips I wanted at 360p to watch on the projector etc. which is still watchable on the screen like an older television model lower than standard early release 1080p.


Just before Covid now there is no money around, they started promoting the SD removable drive like the 2TB chip than you can remove and take with you that fits in by the laptop headphone jack.

Now they dropped that.

Then....they expanded the USB stick.

So I go on the internet and say, this all sucks on here, then downloaded all my clips like sports clips and bikini / wet t-shirt contest at a lower K rate like 360p.....I mean, that's not much below true high def at 720p.

Then I put them all on my USB stick was 32 gigs and then watched them on my projector.

That all looks fine on there at 360p.

So you go on pages like you tube, then set your K rake at 360p or 480p or something and the whole page runs better.

Then I thought, that's a good idea...I just download a bunch of cheap rips at 360p to 480p and then just watch them on my USB stick on most new devices.

Now they threw out the SD drive and EXPANDED the USB drive instead I found out.

Now you don't need that SD drive because USB expanded to larger storage space sticks.

That was also way cheaper, then you see the fine print it's USB 3.2.


USB 3.2 is replacing SD large removable dives with expanded USB cheaper storage.

So soon you will have the new USB 2 Terabyte stick.

That's on a NEW USB upgrade so I couldn't get the new USB stick because I only run USB 3.0.

Then I use that at a lower K rate like 360p or 480p on my device.

So I'm stuck at around 32 gig's a stick because the new ones are so cheap at USB 3.2 that no one would ever buy a 128 gig 3.0 USB stick.

So there you go...

If I wanna watch 1080p I'll just get a Blu Ray disc version and watch it on a real player.

Wal-Mart during all this I couldn't find any USB sticks.

My point is why are places like Wal-Mat and Amazon going to keep backing Google etc. Chrome books etc. when they can just make their own shitty laptops to sell.

Then Wal-Mart can make their own laptops and take their customers and leave and just sell to them direct.

Then you get a Wal-Mart manufactured PC with all finished components that they sell to have  a complete system.

Again they offer no "middle tier products" like tablets and smartphone that have no LAN plugs and don't work at home during power outages that includes sparks / static on power plugs during bad storms when power lines are damaged. LAN plugs on you mobile device means a separate bill on them during low power outages when routers don't work on home electrical plugs because of static on the lines.

The whole point you bought the device for, didn't work.

So here is what I see coming.

Places like Wal-Mart will make it's own PC's for their own stores "Wal-Mart PC's" then they will offer all finished components to sell in their store to match the finished system.

Then USB will expanded to 2 TB after no one bought SD removable drives (like an additional usb slot on your computer that was NOT COMPATABLE with usb) and now larger USB is coming out.

So a pc like Wal-Mart could manufacture doesn't even need large hard drives because of free cloud online storage and new USB that will be removable 2 TB USB drives that you can take with you and now not have to leave you hard drive in you PC anymore when you leave it unattended because you can take ALL your files with you on the new expanded USB stick.


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