Tuesday, November 14, 2023

RE: Anthony Volpe Beats Derek Jeter At Shortstop

New Yankees rookie shortstop beats Derek Jeter by winning the first New York Yankees Gold Gloves award as a rookie.

I mean, Derek Jeter had gold gloves as Yankees Shortstop but new rookie sensation Anthony Volpe beat that by winning the Shortstop Gold Gloves as a rookie.

That beat's Derek Jeter stats with a gold gloves award as a rookie.


Everyone knows that they made the bases bigger in baseball.

They keep saying on television, that the base lines are shorter.


Bigger bases automatically mean a shorter baseline, you don't need to keep saying that.

Plus it's not what it is.

The base position changed and the base itself has been updated with four sides like a diamond shape where the runner can step on his side and not the foot of the other player.

So now...

The baseline are not shorter.

Each side of the four sided base in the new position is the same distance as the same distance as the old position.

So each player owns a side of the base when playing that is the same distance as it was before for each player BUT now they don't trip because they each have their own side to step on.


Here's more baseball stuff they are not using but may appear in the World Baseball Classic WBC like players Jose Altuve who broke his thumb in that game and then lost game 7 of the AL Championship or something.

Then right on the page on the video below, they show that each POSITION in both leagues is awarded a gold gloves award.

Then they don't those teams AL vs. NL Gold Gloves match and that...

Or Gold Gloves team vs. All Star Team or whatever or MLB.

Stuff like that is where Baseball could be expanded.


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