Monday, November 27, 2023

UNIVERSITY: Many Fraternities / Sororities Stop Supporting "Nerd Sterotypes" Now Only Use Varsity Players & Students

In a recent discussion I had with many grad students and athletes they now say that this time with their school Fraternities and Sororities now voted to only use their own athletes from their groups where only they were successful.

Meaning they voted to throw out the "nerds" when they didn't participate in the complete school work load.

The science department now has gifted scholarship athletes that won on the field and in school and beat all the "nerd" stereotypes.

I mean many other student protest but the fact is the football players won both Varsity Awards now they measure their own science formulas on the team for the class doing their own math for plays etc.

The other group never attending was "being carried" by the Varsity Team and now they have moved ahead quickly passing the other group.

The Varsity Case is the "boy down the well claim" where the Varsity Team claims that the other group "puts themselves in a well" and the Varsity Team has no time to go back and help them with their school work etc.

No word from the schools yet.

Looks like this time like in College Football for the NFL Draft things have gone forward the Varsity Team claiming "lost income" for having the other group try and hold them behind as the top students / players on the teams went ahead to larger plans they finished and left them behind separating the two groups in their Varsity Classes.


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