Saturday, November 25, 2023

RE: New NFL Black Friday Launch New York Jets / Miami Dolphins

So I called my NFL pick a few years back it's New York Jets...anyway...

They have pretty much a complete team re-launch I mean some of the teams were pretty behind in the NFL.

Now that's a big deal...the new NFL Black Friday game that just started this weekend.

So you watch NFL and College Football like ESPN coverage of the College Football season.

Anyway, the rules between college and NFL change, so I mean just because a guy is better than an NFL star in College Football, I don't see a reason why they can't fill in in games during the school year in the NFL while still on the college team.

It's the ref people, the rules change between the two leagues so you play and then the ref calls the game different in them.

The Miami Dolphins just had a record two games ago and then beat the New York Jets the next game and had 99 yard touchdown interception etc. and they said on CBS Sports that Miami scored more against the New York Jets offence on interceptions than their defense.   

My point is this the New York Jets have 4 wins so far this season and LOST 4 games at the end of the game clock in the 4th quarter by missing the touchdown reception or they would have been 8 and 1.

So I think that's a pretty successful season.

Now we gotta call the ref out on the plays on the snap and the flag on the pick.

My opinion is new plays in Football are being called offside on the snap and being given flags on the pick.

So I mean...if the teams and players want to get going they need to fix two areas in the NFL for the Jets to win.

First my only issue is the threads on the football, I'm saying teams like the Jets are losing because they are calling the pick on the on the offence on the snap offside so that gives the Jet's opposition more space to snap the ball, and the Jets get called offside for trying to touch the threads on the snap.

That's not offside, the NFL needs to learn that both teams need access to the threads on the ball on the snap so they not get called offside by the ref.

I'd say the new Jets team is about 1 foot offside on the snap when being called offside because the NFL doesn't understand their pick move on the threads of the football.

On the  other side on defense the Jets are getting flagged for the pick move on the threads and being penalized.

I mean a two foot NFL review on these plays will clear up this issue.

The players need more space from the ref on the snap and the pick to get the offsides and flags down in the NFL.

However, the Jets also need to work on their passing reception for longer touch down passes, if that was different this year the Jets would have been about 8 and 1 right now, having lost 4 games at the end of the 4th quarter because of these issues.


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