Thursday, January 28, 2021

I might have made a keystroke error during the test

Anyway, I went back and checked my code and the link didn't paste in from my keystroke.

The formatting pasted so I might have just made a key stroke error.

That's what I mean, it's full of stuff like what they ask you to do is beyond the abilities of their software.

Just to do a quick copy and paste they don't have it because all the steps are manual like I just showed you on this page.

Like when you post to blogger and paste in the code in a text document it comes in all jambled.

Then when it's pasted it's just a mess in a block of data and you have to edit it yourself...that's too long and expensive to put it on the page the way they are asking, like for a big company.

So it's ok for releasing blog albums it you want to correct the code while you blog and paste in records, but it's slow and you have to do them one at a time.

That's takes all day to do all that, so I'm just going to pick and promote albums on my releases on this blog as I'm listening to music and using the internet. 

Just at whatever to see it as I'm listening to music, while I'm making my list for my blogs and stuff for the records I am promoting with my release.

Then I'm gonna post songs and album releases on this blog, like whatever I can do with it to start my own Spotify Blog Promotion by using their service on my page.

Just whatever way I can post them right quick and then listen to them on my blog like they are asking, because fans are supposed to stream them off your blogs on that particular service....Spotify.

That's what you'll be following along with now as you listen to music with me on the page.


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