Thursday, January 28, 2021

Lawsuit Update January 2021

This thing is over...anyway, right now "I'm back to work" at home when I can on my own time doing stuff in the music and shipping business, man it sucks out there.

I mean, them companies man...they must be nearly flat broke or something...I mean considering how terrible the industry conditions are coming from music and shipping.

Right now I'm just doing my band to set up my business, and internet promoting working on music and video blogs etc.

I just started promoting on Spotify, so I'm trying to work that into my business to post albums and links directly on the pages and stuff for internet the old listening station at my old record store.

Anyway, now the Heavy Metal section is on my webpages on the internet and I have switched for now from cds to digital distribution and now the albums are directly on the page through Spotify...not sure yet if that integrates into your google login or to play Spotify through your google page

Now at my promotion I am just putting the albums we are promoting directly on the webpage from Spotify which is free to use if you listen to ads...these are the new official versions of the records from the actual record companies, not bootlegs! 

So I'm testing to see how that integrates into my pages, so you go to the page then you can listen to the records right on the death metal page for example.

Like on here: 

You can listen to them free remember, however you're not allowed skipping with around unlimited usage if you don't pay..then they play ads like on the radio but it's not inconvenient to listen to...and they are the official versions.

So we'll see how that goes.

That's what I'm blogging about now, like working in the store and stuff I just started my shopping cart and that's more work and harder than people say...then I got all these catalogs from all these wholesalers and that's about two years work just to go through all that to build the shopping carts layout for your webpage and then to also list on amazon, ebay etc. 

That's a lot of work doing that, I'm just doing that when I can to try and earn extra money later.

Now in the meantime this is what happened.

After my court case years ago that I won now The Provincial Government here in Halifax is refusing to correct my benefits claim requests and refused me access to my medical forms and information for my Canadian Medical Records to fix the file corrections that I need for my health claims and taxes and also refusing to give them to my lawyer.

The Local Government is not allowed to refuse you access to your forms or to force you to use a lawyer to file your claims.

My benefits and student loan forms at the local government here are not correct and they are refusing to give me my form for my medical record and tax audit and refusing to take my claim submissions.

Then they made me use a lawyer and they refused the lawyer, so that is over...I won my case.

Now I have to send the lawyer back again and force them to give me the forms and correct my tax and medical files.

In the meantime during the case Nova Scotia Student Loan here in Halifax a private collection agency here in Halifax has sent me a letter posing as Revenue Canada for my Income Tax file.

When I called to them to ask about the status of my account it was NOT Revenue Canada but private student loan debt collectors posing as Revenue Canada people and then they tried to force my to pay on my debts out of my Canada Benefits and make me put the money into an account with no file information to prove it was my debts.

Then I had to get the lawyer to file against them again to ban them from contacting me....all private debt collectors working for the Halifax MLA Office on their collection contracts.

Now student is not allowed talking to me anymore and I am placing a restraining order against them from my lawyer and suing to have my student loan debts absolved because of the scam on me from student loan debt collectors.

So while I am suing them to get my medical files corrected for my tax audit from Revenue Canada that I am filing....the Provincial Government won't give me the forms or correct my file, the student loan harassed me to death in a scam in front of my lawyer and tried to make me pay illegally during the the lawsuit and I turned them in.

So now I am getting a restraining order against them, suing to have me student debts cancelled and and they can't win because they just harassed me to death in a scam right in front of my lawyer during the court case.

All while I am suing the other office to get my files corrected for my medical claims and tax information for the actual Revenue Canada for my Income Tax Returns.

So now I have to sue the Provincial Government, and I already won, because they are blocking my Federal Income Tax Audit that I am filing because they won't give me my medical information or correct my files.

That's my Provincial Files for my Federal Audit that I am filing for my Income Tax Returns and Canada Benefits Claims.

So it looks to me like they are finally starting to get the hint that I sued them because the harassment back to me from the private debt collectors on the government contracts from downtown Halifax like on Barrington Street at the Nova Scotia Student Loan Office is so bad right to my face now.

Anyway, then when it was happening I had to stop and get a restraining order process filed against them now student loan is not allowed to try and collect against me anymore because they will be in a second breach against me if they come back and now I won't have to pay the debts.

The point here is the Provincial Government here in Halifax is saying to me in a scam that they won't give me my files or correct them and that Canada has no unbiased third party advocate for Federal Medical Claim Benefits Forms to resolve the issue, and they have also refused my lawyer access.

All of which is not true. 


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