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Here We Go With The Time Travel In The News Again

New Black Hole Pictures Create Wacked Out Theories In The Media
Here we go again, you just start getting all your business plans together for the Bank Manager and stuff to start your own Company, my record label, and you're just getting your business office stuff setup through the bank and the business registry and all, then you get up then next day and get your cup of coffee and breakfast, turn on your tablet or smartphone and what....They have Einstein written WRONG again all over the news.

Now all the journalists are saying that's a time travel machine, please go take some real courses on science before you write these articles, none of that is actual school material.

That's all you need now is to get up in the morning after doing all this business stuff getting your company established and they got Einstein wrong in the news again.

I found this short YouTube video which illustrates the reference material they are talking about in the news, it's not time travel it's travel time. 

All you people have Einstein backwards, please stop teaching the poor children this awful material. 

Watch the video and I will explain the ACTUAL things Einstein was talking about, I'm skipping the part on gravity because it's a separate post. 

TIME INDEX (approximate):

1:00 - They are talking about Einstein on a train viewing a clock tower. He is saying that if you accelerate to light speed the clock "would appear to stop" that's because you left so fast that all you could see was the second hand not moving when you left.

Everyone else back at the clock would still be standing there to see the second hand move and continue. Einstein however lift so fast he only saw the second had in one place before he was gone. 

No, he was just travelling so fast it "appeared" to be stopped. In reality he just wasn't there to see it move to the next second, like the people were standing there.  

In the video they say time slowed down for Einstein - No that is not what it is, Einstein meant TRAVEL TIME,  meaning he left so fast the clock appeared to stop, in reality it didn't he just wasn't there now to see the time change. 

Einstein means that if you take off too fast the clock looks like it stops, that's just an illusion from travelling at a high rate of speed - TRAVEL TIME. 

Einstein is taking about perspectives and optical illusions that you see when you travel at a high rate of in the Model T Ford over the Horse and Wagon when he wrote all that.

1:18 - Quote "Einstein concluded that the faster you move through space the slower time goes" - First the space he meant is the regular outdoors on roads etc. not outer space, no he meant the faster you travel (in a car) the slower the time it takes to get to your destination. 

For example a hundred miles only takes an Hour by car now compared to three days by horse and wagon or whatever. He is saying the faster you travel the more the travel time slows down to get to your destination - not time travel.


1:33 - They are saying that Isaac Newtons laws of speed are never absolute - meaning that objects travel at different rates of speed not fixed speeds.

Like a car, that accelerates and decelerates and does not always travel at a fixed rate like 20 mph permanently or something.

However, Einstein is saying that that does NOT APPLY to light speed which travels at a fixed rate.

Then on the video they are talking about "relative speed"  in the theory of relativity, in this material Einstein is talking about "visual perspective".  

The video says that a train travelling at 40 km per hour  to a person standing still watching. 

Then they say if a train passed it at 60 km per hour it is really only travelling at 20 km per hour to the slower train.

No, the train is travelling at 60km per hour.

What Einstein means is if your are standing still and a train passes you at 40km per hour from your "perspective" you see the full view of the train travelling at 40 km per hour.

If you were on the train travelling at 40 km per hour and saw another train pass you at 60 km per hour then from your perspective it would only appear to be travelling at 20 km per hour from the train you were on, because you are already moving.  So objects only "look" like they are traveling slower if they are both moving at the same time at different speeds.

The video is totally wrong on that topic.

2:45 - Einstein is trying to figure out why light travels at a fixed rate, while other objects don't and their speeds are always changing. 

2:57 - Einstein is talking about travel time at a rate of speed and your visual perspective. 

He says if you stand on a platform and lightning hits on both sides of you at the same time then you will see both lightening strikes because you are standing still.

The he says if someone is travelling at light speed on a train when the lightning hits they will only see ONE BOLT because of their visual perspective and they will have a different result.

Something like this, if someone measured the lightning strikes from a train looking at the platform they will get a different measurement because they will only see one bolt hit because they are approaching fast on a train, the people on the train will interpret it as one lightning strike while people on the ground standing will see it as two.

On the train it might have also been travelling too fast to see it properly plus the second hit would be blocked from their view from their perspective because they were approaching on a train.

Einstein is talking about the visual illusions that take place like when you are travelling at a high rate of speed in a car or on a train. Meaning, when the background blurs and stuff.

4:00 - They say in the video that Einstein is saying that time slows down on the train to account for the constant speed of the speed of light. 

They are saying that light speed is a constant, so time must slow down on the train to make their formula's fit into his theory. 

What Einstein means by "time dilation" is the difference in the travel time when you travel at a higher rate of speed and the "perspective" from you watching the background for example objects appeared to be blurred.

He is not saying time slows down, he is saying travel time slows down.

This is the hard part....what you need to know is that the theory states that all objects travel at changing rates except light.

Then too fit their theory's into the formula they say "time must slow down to make their math work"....that is not in any of this material. 

Einstein means travel times are shorter at high rates of speed.

4:26 - They say that Einstein said that time "stretches and contracts" and is not a fixed object. 

No, Einstein meant the time it takes to travel in a car or train always changes to get to your destination based on your rate of speed. 

That is what is not fixed, travel time based on your rate of speed -  not time on earth. duh. 

4:40 - Einstein says "space time" - what he means by the space time continuum is that the these "four dimensions" are object's inside the universe. 

Meaning time only exists as long as all the planets and sun etc. are held together by the galaxy inside the solar system.

Like, the space time continuum is the Earth travelling around the sun, and held together by gravity in outer space.

That is a mechanism like a clock, he means if that blew up by a black hole time would STOP, because the mechanism has been broken of the solar system. 

That is what he means, like the planets and stars are a mechanical mechanism held together in space, that is the space time continuum. 

Time would be destroyed if the mechanism broke because the sun does not come up anymore because it blew up or something like from a black hole. That would be just "dead space" after that.

4:52 - That's about gravity which I am skipping - not revealant to this post.

5:57 - The faster you move through space the slower you move through time - meaning if you fall out of an airplane the time it takes to hit the ground will be shorter as your velocity increases.

6:35 - Come off it...they are saying that the blurring effect of watching an object fall is time distortion.

What they really is your eyes get out of focus and the back ground blurs when you watch a fast moving object.

Like travelling in a car and looking out the window - the background appears to be blurred, that is your eyes doing that because you can't focus.

They are saying in the last part of that clip that that effect is a "time distortion" when it just an optical illusion created by your eyes blurring from a "perspective" while you are moving.

See all that time travel stuff is garbage and is not even close to what Einstein was talking about. Duh.


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