Saturday, May 11, 2019

Mother's Day: Things You Crave When You Are Pregnant

Before women become mother's first they have to get pregnant which is a long and uninteresting process of romantic dinners and a large workload for most men who can barely bring themselves to participate in, that's why it take a great Dad to be a father.

If you're young what you need to know about that is that it take's a great man with plenty of time, patience and a stable income to impregnate a woman properly with knowledge of many topics like entrainment, dinners and other various grooming activities. 

Way too much work for most "rock music" type people like myself who fell off that workload years ago, maybe that was just nature and my job is now complete. 

When a women finally does become pregnant after years of hard work by a man who has some basic understanding of what the woman is talking about and is able to meet those demands during her pregnancy she experiences things like "food cravings", meaning she has to eat all these strong tasting food combinations for some reason which I will now explain.

Common cravings during pregnancy include:
  • Spicy Food
  • Chocolate
  • Ice Cream
  • Meat
  • Peanut Butter
  • Pickles
So what is all that about anyway?  Well my research has shown that the cravings are caused by the baby eating the nutrients in the womb through their embryo. Like pickles, that's actually the baby being hungry and apparently they are all addicted to pickles when their are in their mothers stomach.

The baby inside the mothers womb can not eat food directly, however the baby "absorbs" the chemical content of the food eaten by it's mother that's called nutrients.

Like in all humans, after the mother eats food the chemicals of the food are extracted by the human body and processed. What comes out is nutrients, like from pickles. The baby eats the chemical nutrients in the womb from the mother of the food she eats. Baby's in the womb enjoy eating spicy foods, cholate, ice cream, hamburgers, steaks, peanut butter and jam etc. just like all regular kids.

Only unborn baby's are still inside their mother so they have to make the mother crave the items of the food they want to eat so they can enjoy the chemical nutrients of the food so they can grow be born and become a regular kid, at that time they can go to McDonalds themselves, probably with supervision, and then eat their own hamburgers, pickles and  ice cream.


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