Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Check Out My New Page About Sobeys

I have a new page I have started to post all my material about Sobeys and my research notes on the Frank Sobey book - The Man And The Empire.

You can visit my page at www.sobeys.info .

Right now it's just a place holder, but in the future it will contain my research notes about the Frank Sobey book and information about the Sunday Shopping Referendum. Just stuff out of public materials and research, like a watchdog group page for keep companies like Sobeys in check for compiling research notes about their companies public activity.

Just so info...

Recent activities with Sobeys in the public are leading me to launch this page, for example I will be posting stuff about the SAP Corporation for example because that was my old work there, plus they have started donating money to St. Marys' University, as well as started their own brand name of non meat sandwich.

They have also just opened a brand new office building near my neighbourhood at the old Sears store building near Portland Street.

Then they are getting awards for business I am assuming for other people in business with them so to me they are just giving awards to each other. 

At the same time they are also in the news for blocking retail store space in Woodside, which is on the Dartmouth side of the Halifax Harbour. 

They are saying that Sobeys owns the buildings in the area and pulled their store our years ago and refuse to let a new store come in by not renting out the old grocery store space to a new business.

That area has no grocery store now leaving residents left "stranded" without a convenient location to buy groceries. 

If you're familiar with Halifax that is the Dartmouth General Hospital area and the Nova Scotia Mental Hospital area. That area is full of group homes and special care residents for people in mental health treatment programs and rehab programs meaning many of the residents are in group homes and mental health care treatments.

That is in the Pleasant Street area of Dartmouth, now they are complaining that there is no place for patients in group homes and in health treatment programs to buy food locally, which is probably difficult for them anyway, because Sobeys is blocking new grocery stores form opening in the neighbourhood by not renting out their retail space to food competitors.

More stories and information about all this coming soon at www.sobeys.info

You can write me at jasonmackenzie@sobeys.info if you have contributions for my page.


See, they started flaming me already saying that my email address jasonmackenzie@sobeys.info is a "catch all" email account not a real one, trying to degrade the  value of my webpage www.sobeys.info .

That's what I'm talking about with the flaming, they are already going around saying that the email is "not a real email account" and is only a "catch all" with no outgoing mail server attached to it.

The point is so what anyway, it would still work. What I mean is they are trying to degrade my Sobeys page already over the email address I posted. For one, none of them will ever write to get a reply plus it's none of your business and it is a real full email account on a private server with SSL that's not setup right now. Just the SSL is not activated.

You got it? Stop flaming me about my page contents and private business stuff lying about me in public going around making things up about my email servers trying to discredit my work.

That's what I meant about you, plus you're all WRONG in your analysis of my work and webpages.  

Ahhhhhh, more information....

Yeah Sobeys just started donating St.Mary's University money, then according to their company's business model as outlined in the Frank Sobey book they will now try and start bossing them around with the donations to take control of the direction of the University.

Right, just in time for the new CFL Franchise...so they are right on schedule. Then St. Mary's is backing the CFL Franchise and Sobeys is going to run down there and try and start bossing the CFL Franchise around trying to steal the direction of the new CFL team so to me they are doing it already because they are at St. Mary's.

For one, they don't have the kind of weight boss around the CFL from Sobeys.

However, just like everything else in the local area everyone else like me comes up with new ideas and then when we get something Sobeys, who are no one here in Canada,  walks in all the time and tries to steal it all from us in the public for a 2 Cent donation to St. Marys.

So they are at it already at St. Mary's because of the CFL Team, then they will be down there trying to steal the CFL stuff to see if they can strong arm the league with 2 Cents to find out if they can steal the team of the whole CFL league like they how they bought AVIS Rental Cars in the 1980's as described in the Frank Sobey book as their operating procedures.


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