Thursday, April 18, 2019

Is Sobeys A Front For The Fake Defense Department?

Is Sobeys Fake?
Recently I was out walking and saw a new Sobeys office building, near my neighbourhood. I thought to myself "Will you people stop following me around?".

Then I got to thinking after getting some strange advice from a stranger out on a walking trail.

Is Sobeys a front for a disconnected branch from the Federal Government? I mean they have no customers but have all kinds of money and never go broke. 

"Maybe that is the public tax money?" I thought to myself.  Think about it, the food is on sale right cheap but it's always bad, the one by my house always smells like rotten chicken that's close to when I stopped shopping there.

Like the meat is bad and it's always on sale two for one, plus they have no customers. Then they never take a hit on the Toronto Stock Exchange. I mean, is this place fake and run by tax money from the fake defense department?

Then I got to thinking,  in their office and also at the Convergys they have all these "suck holes" out on the floor talking to everyone...what if they are spying on the staff for the head office and the defense department?

I mean that's who flamed me and all that, from their office staff.

Then they have staff in there spying on the other staff while they are working and trying to get to know people to see the work they are doing, then they pretend to be your friends to see what you have in your houses.

Then when they see you have secret technology at home like I do, they try and steal it for their board of directors.

Then they go around the office floor dividing everyone up into "friendship groups" and then getting them all talking about the other staff in different groups to compare notes on their employee's activities then they were all flaming me together about the stuff I had in my bedroom from the staff at Sobeys office and trying to talk to my friends.

Then they found out about my secret computer technology I have at home from talking to people that know me and comparing notes in their "friendship groups" in the office all drinking tea and stuff together in the break room, then when I caught them they got all the friendship groups in there to start flaming me at home.

That is possible, think about it...that could all be run from public tax money.


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