Friday, April 5, 2019

Rehtaeh Parsons Anniversary

Rehtaeh Parsons
April 7, 2019 marks the 6th anniversary of the death of Rehtaeh Parsons, I would just like to share some of my personal thoughts on this topic.

The flaming of Rehtaeh Parsons took place starting in 2011, my dealings with people in the Halifax area and my hometown began from 2008-2010, then again in 2012 and then again just recently.

I don't think that it's a coincidence that I was flamed by people from Halifax and New Glasgow around the same time that the flaming took place with Rehtaeh Parsons. In my case around the same time it came from Sobeys Office Staff and I forget to remember to say this Convergy's Call Center staff as well.

Anyway, the call center staff  knew the staff where I worked at Sobeys office, then from Halifax the flaming was done by almost every one in the North End Heavy Metal music "scene" which wasn't really a scene but more of a bunch of people playing locally and then flaming me.

What I hate about the Rehtaeh Parsons stuff is that are labelling a cause off it called "slut shaming" in essence calling her a slut for being attacked in the public. 

I mean how carried away are you people around here with all this flaming? Do you even live in doors?

With her case they distributed naked pictures of her and then hazed her to death.

So I can't say who specifically did that to her, but I can say who did it to me - it was heavy metal music bands and their friends from the North End of Halifax, NS and people from New Glasgow, NS from Sobeys Head Office and Convergy's call center staff, many of who are connected to the North End of Halifax "music thing" - which again, is not a real music scene it's just people hanging around. 

I'm not trying to take anything away from the Rehateh Parsons case, I am just sharing my experience with flaming.

In my case in 2008 two things happened...first I was quitting my Office job because of the harassment at Sobeys and then moving away to play music here in Halifax. 

At the time people I used to play music with didn't want to continue in music like I was doing and then when I was leaving to play music on my own and also leaving Sobeys to pursue my other career goals they all came out "flaming me" in the same manner as Rehtaeh Parsons and now they are even running up to me with groups of black people trying to do it.

The point is all those people from the North End got kicked out of my music thing and I left, then they wanted money from my office job at Sobeys at the same time and started flaming me.

These people will follow you around with no life of their own, using you as their life to harass every day. Instead of having their own life they "jump" onto to you and begin "pulling at you" everyday like a sick animal that won't let go of your pant legs.

Then they use you to make a life for themselves where they all talk in a group behind your back and start flaming you. Following you around in cars like a full time job in a group with no other hobbies, hiding at bus stops and parks all over the area waiting to jump out on you in a group scaring you and hazing you all over the city.

For them that's 24 hours a day...I have always asked myself "do these people even have a life" the, they don't.

They spend some much time trying to "get on" one person that they must not have any free time for anything else, making it their entire life. 

I mean how many people does it take to flame one person?

They all run outside as soon as they see them driving around in cars following them all over the city talking on smart phones and planning the hazing taking turns jumping out and scaring people, acting like a sick animal waiting to be put to death, grinding on everyone's pant legs.

For me the most annoying part is their incessant ridiculous behavior, I mean the amount of time and  effort they take to flame one person in a group, it's all they talk about and their whole lives become wrapped around one person. 

The thing is Rehtaeh Parsons never knew how big she would be supported by the public before her suicide, maybe if she did then it wouldn't have happened.

Other girls seeing this case and the message will be less likely to harm themselves because they will know that they will be supported if the same thing happens to them.

Remember, they are not flaming you because you are unattractive or a loser - they are flaming you because you have more than them in life, plus you are attractive and have things to offer possibly money. They are flaming you because of you "positive traits" not your negative ones. 

That is when it gets that bad.

They act like a sick dog, continuously trying to pull the meat off your plate at your kitchen table, gnawing on you everyday knowing that's it's not for them.

Then they flame and haze you because they think they can take these things form you by using a group.

In my case I resolved this myself being 32 when it started, for me it came directly from North End "maritime metal" heavy metal message board, recently the page was reactivated and they began flaming me again because it's still the same people on it.  

The flaming of me took place on that message board and at my home for multiple years around the same time as Rehtaeh Parsons, that was done by the North End heavy metal people as well as Sobeys and Convergy's staff from my hometown.

Then in 2012 I was flamed for having a story about my band appear in the magazine LA Weekly which was a plagiarism issue between myself and the other parties.

The flaming of me from 2008 - 2011, continued then a year later in 2012 at the same time as Rehtaeh Parsons and they began flaming me on the internet again and at my home in front of other residents, just like they did to me again in front of other people at a city bus stop and on the commons.

In 2012 the people flaming me tried to "make me quit my lawsuit" and give my song to the other band, having no connection to any of it, by coming to my house and trying to "enter my personal business" like my "music business arrangements" from the neighbours houses.

They did that not having any connection to my life or personal business at all...trying to come into my home from the neighbours houses in a group because of my band press on the internet and interfere with it - people I don't even know, and then all flaming me.

That lasted briefly, that was around the time Rehtaeh Parsons was put on life support or shortly before.

I am telling you that is the same group of people.

Well that is my opinion, they are all heavy metal people who are poor from the North End of Halifax with people also from New Glasgow and the staff of Sobeys Office and Convergy's call center.

They did the exact same stunt to me, only a different circumstance.

Her case was obviously worse and violent about her life and rapists etc. and she died from it... mine was about financial means like money and music press / band stuff on the internet. 

In my case they wanted money from my career and band and music stuff for magazines like LA Weekly.

Then they make their whole life YOURS by grouping on you daily and planning your harassment in public, following you around in cars yelling and jumping out at you trying to scare you looking for a fight in public places...obviously trying to scare you from going to the bus stop or library.


They are mad and nuts in a group and want your money or other things of value, then when you don't give them anything they try and block your public activities like at the bus stop and library by standing there flaming you and trying to scare you.

What they are doing to trying to make you "pay them" financially or sexually to use regular public services in a gang.

So they try charging you on the streets money to use the bus stop or library in a group if you don't give them money, then they try following you around hanging off you.

All these people and their slums need to be removed.


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