Saturday, April 13, 2019

Why Legal Prostitution Is A Good Career Option For University Graduates

Prostitution A Good Career Move?
When I talk about prostitution I mean legalized prostitution. For myself I am someone who has already been through "traditional" relationships none of which ever worked out leading to myself just being single, enjoying my own time and hang out casually with whatever girls I want to.

Years ago, I worked in a Record Store and gained valuable experience in the music business form a large Canadian Retail Chain learning how to run a Record Store Franchise, deal with head office issues, music reps, distributors like Sony, Universal, BMG, Warner etc. as well as other music industry people.

At that time I also did a lot of work in Heavy Metal music and helped to promote Heavy Metal though the mainstream Record Store Industry and also during that time I met a lot of professional music artists working in a music store on big name labels like Sony and Universal. 

After that I went to University to advance my career and when I graduated I gained valuable work experience working at a Corporation and finishing my Project Management Certifications and began working in the music business again, this time as a musician.

At that time I had a series of bad relationships and family attempts and was "divorced", and had left my job to pursue other options and was single and starting out on my own again.

Being single and working in music I began to develop my own record label and book series which is still in production. I decided to focus on finishing my own music albums and put my work experience into making a music promotion to promote my music digitally as an online music magazine, this all just began to launch. 

However at this time I put most of my efforts into writing and music promotion and have no money for manufacturing of compact disc's and distribution. Being single in my early 40's and in good shape I thought, maybe I should become a prostitute for women.

This is why. I worked in music, went to university and worked in a corporation, after that I developed my own music, books and internet promotion but have no manufacturing.

I figure, the best way to raise money to finish my business setup in my 40's is probably to fund it by becoming a prostitute, when it is legalized. 

That way I would be able to generate a lot of money without taking on bank loans or investors and the money would just be personal savings to start my business. That way I still maintain all the sole rights to all my material, which I do anyway, and never have to pay anyone back for my financial business launch.

I figure that would be a good career short cut in the Corporate world by starting my own business off being a prostitute, when everyone else is out trying to get a bank loan to start a business I'll just fund mine by having sex for money, and I already have my own products in development. 

Logically, after University, working in a Corporation and developing my own products the next logical step would be to become a prostitute around the business community to get my own start up money by having sex with rich business women to help me fund my musical albums, books and web promotions.

That is a great career short cut, launching a business loan free off prostitution. Then later if I ever needed money again for more business expansions I would just start hooking again.

So when I did all those highly educated degrees, certifications, product development etc. I figure that the easier step to fund that would be from free money from women by having sex with them, when everyone else is going to the bank for money I'll get mine from being a prostitute...interest and investor free with no loan paybacks.

That is why becoming a legal prostitute would be a good career move for a University Graduate.


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