Friday, April 26, 2019

How Is My Case Connected To The Rehtaeh Parsons Case?

Well that will be up to Federal Prosecutors after they receive the evidence form my lawsuits.

My case is a Civil Court Issue which means I am suing Sobeys and other parties over the attempted theft of my personal assets and harassment.

This is what I am doing but it will take several years to get moving, and I was working on this the whole time and during the Rehtaeh Parsons case in a separate situation. Hopefully by posting this information on the internet people like Federal Prosecutors and Political Groups can start ahead when they see my analysis and then launch a separate investigation before my case gets to the civil courts.

This is an important point...these people have to be stopped before more girls get hurt through public harassment in Canada.

My Civil Court case is somewhat long and it will take years to assemble, all the evidence from it will be turned over to the Supreme Courts for Federal Investigation, like I have already done in the past ten years ago from earlier incidents.

This is how I am progressing.

When I get my stuff going I am hiring several teams of Lawyers to subpoena the people who harassed me from Sobeys and from the "music scene" to take statements about the harassments and get them to reveal the names of the other parties, this will all be compiled by myself and legal teams. All that will be handed over to Federal Prosecutors for investigation.

What will happen is we will get the complete story and all the names, then I am suing them in Civil Court with Federal oversight from the evidence from the harassment for a possible criminal investigation by the Federal Government. That will be up to them.

However this is also an SEC matter from Washington D.C. for United Sates Prosecutors who had Sobeys under investigation in the past, I am also subpoenaing those documents from previous cases against Sobeys as evidence against them in my case.

How the SEC is involved in my case is through Record Label people in Pennsylvania and Calgary, Alberta who also harassed me and I am suing them as well. They will be interviewed by my legal team about the issues of plagiarism and harassment when I sue them to see how they are all connected and get their names.

That also took place in France and Quebec around the issues of plagiarism, harassment and bootlegging . All those Record Label parties are also being sued and they will be questioned by my legal team and the information will be passed to Federal Prosecutors in Washington D.C. from the SEC because the origin in my case is a Stock Market issue.

That will take a long time and it is expensive but I will receive large settlements from all those parties.

I am also going to have my legal team interview the people who harassed Rehtaeh Parsons to see if they are the same people who harassed me from Sobeys and people involved in music, whatever comes from that will be handed to Federal Prosecutors, then that will be out of my hands and they will determine if it will be a criminal investigation, mine is only financial.

So that is how they are connected, then there is also the Bitcoin Scam from Calgary and another hazing death that may all be connected to my case, so I am going to have all parties interviewed by my lawyers to see if they are implicated in my civil case, they will have to reveal the names of all parties and issue a complete story of the events which will take several years to complete before my lawsuit progress to the Civil Courts.

All that evidence my help resolve the Rehtaeh Parsons and other hazing death cases, I hate saying that but that's what it is, from my Civil Court evidence.

Hopefully all this will work out without more future incidents from them and people like the Bitcoin thieves.


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