Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pictures Of The Innerworkings Of Black Holes

Image of Black Hole Exploding Materials and Plasma
Apparently Black Hole are visible now with new pictures coming out of their innerworkings. 

This plasma being ejected from the black hole, if this is actual picture, would be showing the debris being ejected from objects in space being destroyed by entering the black hole and being crushed, as obviously seen in this picture.

When they say "space time" they mean that when the solar system starts to explode at a black hole, time doesn't exist anymore because the planet stopped spinning. Then it is just "dead time" or whatever waiting for the end with no daily time sun cycle.

Seeing this photo leads me to several conclusions. 

For one black holes could be appearing at the end of galaxy or solar systems life cycle, the swirling of the galaxy leads to pressure building up at the center of the galaxy which is forming the "black hole" when the pressure becomes too large the galaxy gets eaten and falls into the black hole being destroyed, in a standard life cycle. 

The black hole at the center of the galaxy is collecting pressure as the galaxy swirls, then it builds up pressure and eventually the stars and planets fall into it when the galaxy dies.

The plasma being ejected is from objects like stars and planets being destroyed by the black hole, this function could also be a pressure release valve for the galaxy, when the black hole "density" gets to high objects fall into to it in space from being pulled in by the black hole's gravitational forces, which are pulled in by the black hole in a weightless environment.

Objects like comets, asteroids, moons and small Pluto like planetoids would be pulled in first because they are lighter, they get sucked into the black hole because it is a highly dense spinning region creating gravitational forces that create waves or ripples in space like throwing a rock into a lake or pond.

The ripples throw the comets etc. and small objects off  track in space and then their new "track" sends them into the black hole to be destroyed.

A black hole to me is not really a hole at all to me after seeing these pictures, it is more of a "collection point" of materials "squeezing together" , making the "hole" actually a dense object like a large planet, only it's opposite and destroys large objects in space.

So this "swirling" of the galaxy creates a pressure point in the center where material has been collected and pressure is so strong there that is destroys objects, the black hole's massive gravity well is being created by the spinning of the galaxy.

Those explosions in the black hole region emitting plasma through space would create "outward gravitational forces" from the explosions that push objects away, later as the galaxy spins they would eventually land on a "track" in space that pulls them back to the center of the galaxy to the black hole.

So as the pressure explodes objects emitting plasma that debris would go outward and be sucked back in later through the gravitational cycles of the galaxy spinning. Meaning, those objects being ejected from the black hole eventually fall back in from the galaxy spinning in cycles. 

As the center mass of the black hole destroys objects, these explosions would eventually become so large that it would destabilize solar systems and the planets and sun would be thrown off their "gravitational tracks" and then fall into the new gravitational path created by the exploding matter coming form the black hole.

When the planets fall off track, they land in a new path created by the exploding black hole, and their new gravitational path is now the on black hole. As the galaxy spins the stars and planets switch from their old gravitational orbit to their new one around the black hole, after so many cycles of the galaxy the stars and planets hit the hole and fall in, exploding.

After this you could chart how long it takes for a star or planet to fall into the black hole region by calculating the amount of gravitational cycles take place before the star or planet gets destroyed. What I mean is the after the solar system is knocked off track the galaxy keeps spinning, that creates a gravitational cycle that sends the stars and planets into the track leading to the black hole.

If you knew all that you could say how many days or years it takes for a star or planet to fall into a black hole after the explosion from the hole that displaces the gravity in a near by solar system, or you can also predict when that will happen by watching the explosions. 

I'm sure scientists could easily track all that today knowing all that information and assuming they already have the instruments built to measure those phenomena's .  

They are starting to see this phenomena in layers now I guess, when you look at the "hole" that is waves of material and energy being ejected from explosions in the dense black hole region, I'm sure that once that energy is "released" by the black hole that later is collects and is recycled and used to form new objects in space like comets, planets, stars etc.

Well, at least that's what I see when I look at the picture.

---Additional Information---

According to NASA's own pictures of this black hole, Galaxy's have the ability to blow up and then spin themselves back together.

I am the origin of that theory on here today, the black hole sucks in all material and it all explodes. The material is then ejected from the black hole and then begins re-swirling which is continuous anyway and the galaxy will rebuild itself from the materials being ejected from the black hole which is used to form new galaxy's, stars and planets etc.

That all would mean that the entire galaxy can be destroyed by a black hole, then the materials would be recycled by the galaxy to form new planets out of the old materials from the black hole and then spin itself back together, of course all the stars planets would be in new positions now, probably. 


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